Thursday, 3 February 2005

Frightened for my youngest son

Hi guys..

Well what a day... hubby and I took the day off and oldest son was at school and youngest in crèche.... yayyy so we took them and came back and slept till 12 it was fantastic... we needed the sleep to catch up.

The day was a non really.... but after dinner... My mother screamed (soooo loud) she was screaming so loud that the pit in my stomach was like sinking...

I was running around trying to find out what was happening... it was like I thought she had fallen (she is 73 years old) or she had had a major accident.

Then found her in my youngest (3 year old) room with the chest of drawers in her hands trying her hardest to get it off him. OMG I thought he was like damaged or something he was soooo white and I couldn't stop crying!

He was fine I got the chest of drawers off him he was just shocked and had a bruised chin but he kept saying to me "I was frightened mummy" I couldn't stop the tears as I made sure he told me (while I was lying on the floor next to him) what was sore and if anything was feeling weird he only showed us his chin.

So we got a cold flannel and stroked his head etc... cut a long story short he was fine just was frightened. I took him and hugged him on the couch while hubby took all the clothes out of the bloody thing and put it in another set of drawers (one that he couldn't pull over) and the tears were coming out and he kept wiping them and saying don't cry mummy I was just frightened... OMG I was just so scared that he was really hurt.

Anyway so that was my day.

Went for a 45 minute walk with hubby once they were asleep (mum looked after the boys) to shake it off and was fine afterwards. Yayyyyy
So back on track for this loss of weight... I am
going to get this off!!! I am.

Chubby Mum

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