Friday, 4 February 2005


What a sticky night it is here... I am sooo hot and sticky and hating it with a passion.
Yayyy only one day and then the weekend woohoo.
I have tried so hard to be extra good so far this week and today decided to have a WW Thai Chicken for lunch and it was the worst thing I had tasted in such a long time I was disgusted. It had a little stone in it that chipped my tooth as well.. GRRRRR so I went and got some sushi as the rest of the stuff was wayyyy too bad but I had to have something to eat for lunch as I was sooo hungry.
I didn't do any exercise today but I am ok with that since I went for a walk yesterday.
I am like addicted to this diary that I come in like five times a day looking for comments and I love it.... I love the fact that people are actually interested in my weight journey. I know I am addicted also to reading everyone’s diary's everyday too.... SO KEEP POSTING it is keeping me going and on track. If I know that you all are reading and writing and loosing the weight then I am following in your footsteps.
My husband is moaning at me to get off the computer and come to bed so I better go. I wanted to write more in here but I can't. I am thinking that from tomorrow I might post what I eat in the day to see what everyone thinks. Anyway Good night everyone.
Love Chubby Mum

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