Monday, 28 February 2005

Gotta get moving

To start.. Sandra and Fat Queen thank you both for your emails(smile) I am getting to it! Just been busy this weekend with the kids and other stuff, BUT will reply soon. Also thanks (smile) Mkia I do agree that I need to use my diary to find the obstacles that are keeping me off track (these last 2 weeks anyway). Before that I was trying so hard! And yes I was loosing but not as much as I thought since I was fully keeping to this life style change, I really appreciate your note and it has made sit back and think about things.
In the last couple of weeks I have wanted to eat more after 8.30pm. I had been so good up till the last couple of weeks. I like have a craving for chocolate or sweet things. I tried the water instead and getting up and moving around to get me away from it but it isn't working for me ;-) It feels like I am going backwards in my diet. I have to find a way to keep on track and get more out of this. I have been still doing my 2 nights a week with kickboxing (taebo) but think it is not getting me enough exercise.
I have been asked by my boss if I would work full time for three weeks as a colleague husband is going for a heart operation and she is taking the time off. I am glad because we do need the money at the moment to pay off some bills but then again I am a little be nervous as I have been working 20 hours a week for a year now and I am a much better person. I find that I am not an afternoon person and am not that productive in the afternoon and my husband said that I am a much better person when I am working part time. So we shall see... but the thing I am looking forward to is the fact that I get a lunch break!!!
A LUNCH break :-) I haven't had a lunch break in over a year and since I finish at 2pm then I go and pick up my son and then home again so lunch is eaten while working... ho hum so it will be good to get together with some friends as they keep asking but since I work during those hours I can't... so that is going to be good. I have asked my boss if I can still have my lunch around the time I want to do the class and she said yes so I get to do my third class at my lunch hour woohooo for me it feels great. I have a great boss she is so fair and keeps to the rules... I quite like that because then you know she will treat everyone the same and there are no favourites¡K you know something else I like is that the ladies I work with are all in their 50's... it is great because there is not bitchiness and they say what they think no games. OMG that is so refreshing.
Even though these last two weeks I haven¡¦t been good with the food. I have kept within my 26 points but had more sugar points than I should. I still look in the mirror and think.. my face is getting smaller and not so chubby so that is good. I know that I am not keeping way down with the food but I think with the exercise as well I am going to still loose but not as much as I want to... I just get so hungry, and I have been trying to eat more fruit and veges but I have to condition myself I think.. I just don't naturally go for the fruit and veges if I am hungry and so I have to get and do it instead of thinking salty or sweet... so this week I am going to really concentrate on eating more fruit and veges...
Anyway I am rambling on now. I have to go now and get my beauty sleep for a full day at work OMG OMG OMG ;-)
Bye bye
Chubby Mum
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