Thursday, 17 February 2005

Full on day

Well I am updating this today (Thursday).
Was such a full on day today but when I think about what I have done I don't think it is that full.
Took youngest to creche, then hubby to work and then oldes son to school. Stayed there for a while and teacher was a little unhappy that I couldn't stay and help. BUT OMG I offered on the first day back that I would go in as parent helper on a Wednesday if she needed me and she said for the first 6 weeks she has someone on a Wednesday so I organised myself. I organised to do my stump class at the gym... which is a mixture of step and pump (weights). So when she was giving me this face I said "you did tell me for the first six weeks you didn't need me and I can't do any other day" OMG for crying down the sink I wish she would make up her mind. Sometimes I dont know whether she wants me there or not as she never says thank you and then when I am there she spouts out all these things to do an doesn't explain what they are.... I mean I am no teacher so I don't know why they are doing it etc... but expects that I know. Never have I heard her say thank you... which really grates me but I do it for my son and not her anyway. Because at least I get to know what he is learning and how so I can help at home with teaching him.
So anyway after getting away from there I went home and was supposed to meet a friend for a coffee but she said she couldn't make it till the afternoon.
So went and took mum into town and then headed off for the gym. It was my first time at this class so I felt a little nervous about what it was but I enjoyed it. With my knees I couldn't get on the step but I did it on the ground which as far as I am concerned at least I am doing the exercise. It was fantastic doing the weights as well and I had really sore arms for the rest of the day but at least I know I was doing the right thing if I could feel it he he.
So when that was finished I had to go and get mum from town and then went home and picked up son from school and then had my friend over for the afternoon and then the taxi service began again he he he... always feel like I am a taxi for everyone as we only have one car.
After I had gone and gotten second son from creche and hubby from work it was a reallllly quick eat dinner and go to the school for a parents evening to tell us about the coming year and what they wanted to achieve with our kids etc. So when we finally got home I was sooo tired and moody as the day was just too full on for me.
That is why I didn't update last night... Sorry everyone.
I did manage to catch up on some diaries though as I am addicted to reading them now... it is like a book that you get into and don't want it to finish that you can't wait to get to the next chapter (day ;-))
Had two chocolate mint biscuits tonight... I felt bad in a way but with the TOM I didn't really care... I have missed having chocolate for 5 weeks now and it felt good to have it. When it is TOM that is the only time that I realllllly want chocolate. But I made sure I put them down in my points so that isn't too bad and I worked my backside off at stump to get extra points.
Yayyy the new series of Charmed is back on and I am sooo happy. I have missed it that is for sure.
Anyway signing off for now.. hope everyone has had a full on day too.

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