Monday, 13 August 2007

Tracking Day One - Week One


Why have I sunk in to not updating. I know people read my blog but then when I start not blogging I also know that I am not blogging because I am not doing well in the weight loss. I hopped on the scales yesterday and it was up to 121.6 kilos and that just sucks. I am angry at myself for letting this get out of hand. The day before the party in PN and since then I have not cared... I have not wanted to track and not cared but it has to change.

I have been trying to find something to get me motivated again and something that I can aim for. If anyone has any suggestions please tell me. I am not a materialistic person in the fact that I have everything I need so I can't work out what I can work towards.

I am even having trouble trying to tell my family what I want for my birthday as I don't want or need for anything at the moment... Plus only working part time I can't afford too much anyway so there is nothing monetary I can give myself.

I so want to be under 100 but I can't find that motivation to get there. I have lost 40 kilos since the heaviest of my weight (not weight watchers weight my doctors weight) and I have gotten to the stage that I feel like I have tried everything.

I want to be positive and find something to aim for....

Easter next year I am going to Waihi for a holiday with the kids. Maybe that can be something to aim for... Getting in togs and not feeling like a blimp? Going for a surf in the water like I did a year ago and enjoying myself no matter what. Or maybe go jet skiing in the water.. (I don't know how I can get one to be able to use but that could be something...) so if anyone has any ideas please please tell me.

So I have 31 weeks to go till our Easter holiday in Waihi!!!

If I aim at 500 grams a week I can get to 106.6 kilos by 20th March 2008.

Do you think that is too much of a hard job for me to do? keeping in mind that in the past year I have only lost 7 kilos because of all the indecisions and yoyoing?

Ok... so just losing this weight to go to Waihi isn't enough for me to look forward to... hmmm need to think... need to think... any suggestions would be great. I want to lose this weight and I have to have a goal..

When I had a goal to get under the 120's for PN I did it so maybe this is what I am lacking...

So I have to lose 15 kilos... I can do this right? Or am I setting myself up for failure... or am I just thinking that I can't and so it isn't?

So I have started off well.. I am tracking and I am thinking about what I am putting in my mouth. I haven't had any coffee today either or a V... I am going to try and make sure that I don't for this week...

Tracking and no coffee.. how hard can that be?

3 Weetbix

Morning Tea

2 Sandwich Bread
Roast Pork

Afternoon Tea


Got back on board!! I went to the gym and got a programme booked because I haven't had one in a while.

Went to the gym and I did:
Cross Trainer
Water Bike

Felt great!!
Felt great!!


Chris H said...

Bar humbug, I can't help ya cos I can't help myself!!! I am so hoping that setting up a support group will do the trick for me.... why don't you do something similar up there if you hve the time?

Lyn said...

comon chick!!! you need to do this detox with Chris and I!! There are quite a few others who are keen but just seeing how i get on first ... wwooooses!! lol (j/k I don't mind)

It might just be the kickstart you need too.

Helena said...

Ok ... heres a deal, I will send you three items of designer clothing at the end of September if you get to 115kgs. Thats 6kgs in 8 weeks. You need to focus, you need to keep motivated and you need to believe in yourself. Get your sorry depressed arse off the couch and think about how fabulous you will look and feel in 7 weeks time. I believe in you, so you can believe in you too. Dont forget we have the same taste in clothes. When you are done with them, you can sell them on TradeMe and make a fortune to buy yourself some new clothes. Thats my challenge for ya. *smooch*