Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Chris H's Party 3 August 2007

Where to start....

The weekend was fabulous and it was also great to get away with hubby without the kids. We took the boys to school on Friday morning and then left for Palmerston North.... what a beautiful day to travel.

Decided that we would get lunch in Taupo so we stopped and went to the loo and then looked at the CD store down there and brought the Colbie Caillat CD and a CD for hubby and OMG Colbie is sooo great I love the CD.

Went to Woolworths and decided to be good and get stuff to make a salad sandwich and brought a little loaf of bread and had homemade sandwiches by Lake Taupo in the sun and it was nice.

We had chicken, lettuce, tomatoe, avocado it was soooo nice and decided that I would txt Lee-ane and Lyn to see where they were and they were in Taupo too so we kept texting to say where we were and then stopped at the top of the desert road to go to the toilet and the two must have gotten in front of us because when we got a bit further I said to hubby that I think they are two cars in front of us.... so we txt them and they started waving out the windows it was too funny because the guy in the car behind them must have thought they were nuts he he he. We all stopped for a coffee and a chat and it was really great to stop for a break and catch up with these wonderful ladies that is for sure.

Chubbymum, Lee-Anne and Lyn just after stopping for a coffee.

Got to Palmerston North about 4.30 and met up at Chris H place so we could drop off food for the party on Saturday night and then Hubby and I went to the Motel to put our things there and then went and met up with some work mates of his it was nice to meet them.

For dinner we got Indian and took it back to the Motel and OMG it was wayyy wayyy too much food and didn't realise that I cannot eat that much anymore. We got two different dishes with rice and so I only had two small bowls of food but I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach he he he so the night sleep wasn't good at all and I vowed never never never to do that again...

Saturday morning we got up and had a shower and then went in to town to see what we could get for breakfast... it was great to spend time with each other it is such a rare thing that when we get the chance it is fantastic. We went to Robert Harris and had a cooked breakfast and coffee and sat and chatted for about 2 hours and then decided it was time to check out the shops and see what we could see for the boys birthdays but we couldn't find much... so headed on back to the motel to get changed for the party..

I was soooo nervous about meeting everyone again and I think that was because they are such a wonderful bunch and I wanted maybe to measure up ya know....

Above Chris taking a photo of my hubby taking a photo he he he

Lee-anne sitting there waiting for everyone to arrive...
I reckon we were all nervous at this time he he he.

Lyn looking nervous too in her beautiful new top...

Janene and her daughter Jorja (hope I have spelt it right he he)

Felicity making a lovely platter of fresh fruit yummmy

We got on soooo well and everything went so fast and I drank way way way too much but half way decided to slow down and then start drinking again about an hour later.

Down the front Left to right: Rachel, Lee-Anne, ChrisD, ChubbyDad

The back from Left to right: Lyn (behind her Helena) by Helena is Felicity, ChrisH, Janene, Lynise behind her and at the end Chubbymum (with hand on ChubbyDad)

Above silly photo of us all he he he

Lyn (once again he he he) had an idea for everyone to put on these silly glasses and see what we looked like OMG we didn't stop laughing at how everyone looked.

Lyn below

Chubbymum belowLee-Anne below

ChrisH belowFelicity below

ChubbyDad belowHelena below

Rachel below

Janene below

Lynise below

The Christmas presents were sooo funny because we could go and choose a present but then if we liked what someone else had we could swap and so I felt really bad (afterwards) that I swapped with Helena as I didn't really want a box with $5 in it he he he I wanted a present he he he but as you can see below Helena wasn't happy he he he he...

It wasn't long before Lynise decided she didn't want her and so she took the present that I took off her and so I started them all off... he he he he and there were a couple of swaps it was sooo funny so thanks Janene for suggesting to Chris to do it that way it was great.

It was a interesting night and we didn't stop laughing and drinking and eating and being merry and the conversation was never EVER dull and it was always going it was great. I had a couple of great chats outside with Lyn and really enjoyed getting to know her a little more. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone more and it was fantastic and they are a really great bunch of girls.

I made two bottles with everyones face on it and christmas hats on their heads

Lyn came up with the idea of going through everyone and people saying whether you thought they were the same in person as they were on their blog and some interesting things came up on that... apparently I am quite intense on my blog he he he and in person I am not I am bubbly so that is quite interesting..

I always thought that what I was writing was exactly how I sound and how I talk to people. Hubby and I were discussing it on the way home on Sunday as I couldn't quite get how I was different but I suppose when you read someone it is how you are reading it and not how they are thinking it sounds or something like that.... so when I started this I was wondering how I actually wrote and was it how I come across... quite an interesting thing I thought.

It was also good to see that Janene got a couple of drinks in her and actually talked it was nice to talk to her and she just loves dancing and got everyone up dancing it was great to get some exercise in he he he instead of sitting eating and talking he he he...

Got up the next morning feeling a little ikky but I think that was the food more than the drinking and met Helena, Rachel and Felicity at Ezibuy to have a coffee and breakfast and it was great looking at clothes with people that understood how hard it is to find clothes that look great on bigger people but it was also great to go shopping and to help others when they didn't know whether the colour was right either... I am going to miss these girls and without their blogs it would be even harder.

I am soooo glad we are all friends and go on so well.

But I will leave the girls with this... I wonder how Lynise's night went he he he he she got that phone call and she was off like a shot he he he... hmmmm juicy news come on Lynise tell all he he he.

Love Chubbymum


Chris H said...

Woo hooo, lots of awesome photos , that must have taken you bloody hours to download! Glad you put all the 'glasses' photos up, so nice to see lots of different ones that I didn't get! So glad you had a ball mate! We all did I reckon, and I simply can't wait till we have the next one... Taupo New Year... Motor Camp/Motel ... whatever... it will happen.

Lyn said...

Great shots you have there!! I really enjoyed getting to know you better too chickey!! I'm definately keen on that get together (Thursday) but might have to leave it for a couple of weeks tho (have ambo courses, Bill's birthday and few bits and pieces falling onto Thursday-Sundays) I'll get intouch asap with when we can do it.

Name: Lynise said...

Ohhhh that crafty woman, receiving a phone call then taking off and being secretive. Oh hang on a tic, thats me and I don't kiss and tell. (not that there was necessarily any kissing of course,,,,)

Name: Lynise said...

mwhaaaaa ha ha ha

Tania said...

Great photos - sounds like you had a great weekend and well done for only gaining 600 grams!

Nic said...

Considering the takeaway (Indian is so yummy but so very evil!) and alcohol at the weekend your gain is very respectable...but at least you had a look time.
Have to say that Chubbydad actually suits the blue eyeshadow (from the funny glasses).
I wanted to ask you on the digital scrapbooking you showed on here the other week, do you need/use a special program for this or do it online somewhere??? I would love to do some with my thousands of photo's and your one looked awesome.
Have a good week...and keep on track girl, those teens are just teasing you.

Livy said...

What a beautiful bunch of ladies you are, glad you all had such a wonderful time!
You all have gorgeous hair!! Every pic I looked at was like,... Ooohhh Like her hair, oh, maybe I like hers better!
And Mandy, who couldn't like you??

Rachel said...

AWESOME photo's matey!

I cracked up when I looked at the group photo where we were pulling faces, I had forgotten about that one.

Bugger about the gain chicken but it was worth it aye?

Can't wait for our next get together.

celtic_girl said...

Loved all the photos, especially the ones with the crazy glasses on.