Sunday, 26 August 2007

Day Twelve - L Challenge

I am going to gain this week. Not because I haven't done my exercise or that I haven't tracked because I have but because I have my bloody monthly and I feel bloated and terrible but I am keeping to it... I feel great because I am tracking and because I am walking so so so much more and I have decided that every Sunday night I am going to post how many steps I have taken for the week from now on and also the km's it amounts to... I am sooo much happier thinking about my food and even though I will gain this week (because I always do when I have my monthly) I am not going to gain next week... I am going to aim for this challenge.

I went back through my posts and last time I had my monthly I tried really hard and I gained 800 grams so it is logical that I will this time as well and I just get it off the week after. I am not going to let Leenie keep these clothes he he he he.
Got up and ready for taking the boys to their LAST games and I went with Corbin and hubby went with Quinn.

These two photos are of the boys before they got all grubby... sometimes I reckon my boys think that they are playin rugby and not soccer he he he.

It was the most exciting game watching Corbin's game because if they won this game then they either were going to tie for the Championship or win the Championship depending what the other top team was going to get with their game.

I think I made so many steps yesterday because me and the other mums were jumping on the sidelines everytime they got a goal and the team's parents on the other side didn't understand why were were screaming and so me being sooo excited shouted "if we win this game we have won the championship" and so they were smiling and understanding why were were overracting after that.

In the last half I was asked to sub and in the end didn't because everytime I tried to sub the coach would sub them off again quickly... and Corbin wasn't allowed to be subbed off at the end either and he missed a goal by the bloody goaly (OMG I wanted to slap the goalie he he he).

Above is Corbin going for the ball to get it in the goal

Above is the ball in the air (yellow arrow pointing)

Above the bloody Goaly GRRRRRR catching the ball OMG he almost missed it but got the bloody thing... was gutted as it would have been good for Corbin to end the game on his goal GRRRR.

THEY WON THEY WON THEY WON and at the end the parents were hugging the parents and the kids were hugging the kids and I didn't think I could jump and down so much in my life it was BLOODY excellant and I was so so so proud.

So when we went home we got everyone showered and ready and then went to do groceries... and got home and mum watched the boys while hubby and I went for a walk and we went for about an hour and a half and it was great to talk and not be interrupted by the kids etc.

In the afternoon I made some cards to sell on trademe so I can make some money us so hubby and I can actually go to the movies or something like that.

I was getting quite upset today worrying about the fact that I was trying so hard to do my exercise this week and track and I wasn't losing. But hubby had a huge talk to me and said that I am doing all I can and it will come right once the monthly is finished and I should know by now that I gain in that week and the numbers on the scale do not mean anything when you know you are living healthy and doing the exercise. I agree with him now that I think about it but it is hard when people are watching me do this challenge and I am gaining.... so tomorrow expect a gain but next week OMG watch out because those 118's are coming my way.


We got up at 9am and had breakfast and then went for a walk. We starte at 10.30 and got back at 12.30 and in the middle of all that walk we went and played soccer and ran around the field and also walked to the shops to get pita breads and ham and lettuce and so in all that I did a lot of steps and had fun with the kids and got my ball skills up he he he. It is amazing how your ball skills get better when you have to kick it up the foot path all the way on the walk... makes you think how to control it.

I am now going to go and make some cards...

Love ya all... will try and update on what we are have done for the rest of Sunday later.


My steps this week were the following:

Steps: 61,142
Kilometres: 39.6
Average steps a day: 8,735

My steps last week were the following:

Steps: 48,529
Kilometres: 31.5
Average steps a day: 6,933

That means and increase of the following:
Steps: 12,613 (increase)
Kilometres: 8.1 (increase)
Average Steps: 1,802 (increase)

I am so proud of these stats.. and if I don't lose this week it isn't because I haven't increased my exercise and tracked and these stats prove that to me... I have to keep that in mind at the weigh in tomorrow. I am an achiever! I am successful but there are always hiccups in my road. I am going to make goal. I am going to make this L Challenge. I am going to be happy.



Kate said...

Awww your boys are just so gorgeous! Love those smiles :-)

just janene said...

Woohoo, go boys!!! How awesome that they won the soccer championship... so cute! hehe

If the scales go up tomorrow, at least you know why, and next week that number will come down again. Bring on 118 :)

Tania said...

What a great result with the soccer game, can't wait until I can share those experiences with my son.

Fantastic effort with your steps too, who knows maybe the gain won't be quite as bad as you think with all this extra exercise.

You go girl! You'll be in those 118's in no time.

M said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous boys. Congratulation on the win - and yes, it would have been nice to finish with a goal of his own BUT they won !! Yaaaaay.

And so will you if you keep increasing those stats.. Well done.