Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Day one of Leenie Challenge

Ok so for shortcut reasons it is going to be called...

LC (Leenie Challenge)

Helena has put forward a challenge to me and OMG it has got my juices going he he he (this sounds rude but it isn't he he he)

I have a problem with goals and they have to really make me feel like OMG and I haven't found one is such a long time.

I was talking with hubby last night and usually if I make a goal for myself it is like get to 30 kilos and get my nails done (but that never happened until 6 months afterwards) or get to 20 kilos and have a new hair cut etc but IT NEVER HAPPENS and it never happens because I find something else the money has to go to or I just think I shouldn't be spending this on me when the boys need this or that. So they just don't work.... and I know that is my fault because I should allocate it and stick to it but I just don't.

The challenges that have worked for me are the ones like when Tania said to me when I first started (oops not the Tania who has a blog) that I could not lose 20 kilos in a year and not to push myself for defeat and OMG I thought no way are you going to tell me that I can't and I said that to her and in 10 months I did it!!

I lost 20 kilos but then I fizzelled after that because the challenge was over and I did it. Then I wanted to be 25 kilos by the time my brother in law came back from over seas so that he noticed the difference and so I did that and that was all in 2005. 2006 was just a year that I was all in for the exercise but the weight just didn't come off as I couldn't find a challenge I knew I could do and achieve (not thinking positive again)....

I could not seem to find a challenge that would get me going and something that was real and not like my husband saying "I bet you can't get 15 kilos off by Xmas" because that didn't work either as it wasn't geniune it was him trying to help me but I didn't take it like that....

I hope this is all making sense? I am a hard person with goals like that..

So anyway Helena's comment yesterday was:

Ok ... heres a deal, I will send you three items of designer clothing at the end of September if you get to 115kgs. Thats 6kgs in 8 weeks. You need to focus, you need to keep motivated and you need to believe in yourself. Get your sorry depressed arse off the couch and think about how fabulous you will look and feel in 7 weeks time. I believe in you, so you can believe in you too. Dont forget we have the same taste in clothes. When you are done with them, you can sell them on TradeMe and make a fortune to buy yourself some new clothes. Thats my challenge for ya. *smooch*

So she is right... My sorry depressed arse (sooo true and until she said it nicely to me like that I didn't realise how much I wanted to slap myself) I have my mum living with me that is so negative and can never see the positive that I think I just start thinking like her and I have to stop it and remember how my Dad was always positive.

I am sorry if I have been depressing lately just want to get out of this funk and doing good one week and bad the next is not what I want (not that anyone would want that he he).

So I emailed Helena and asked her if she was ok about this... I felt like this was wrong or something like that and that it has made me think wow I can do this and there is a carrot at the end of this. So I calculated the time and it is only 7 weeks but hey 6 kilos in 7 weeks will make it even more challenging.. I also told her that if I don't make it then I will buy her something pretty to go with her new body she is going to have by then.... so that way I will have to give this generous lady something if I wuss out and be a silly cow.

I have also been thinking about it some more this morning and thought that I would keep this tradition going on... that when I have finished with the clothes (he he he that I am going to get Helena he he) that I wouldn't sell them on trademe I would PASS it FORWARD and give it to someone else to get in to so that they have a challenge too...

So what do you think? So that we keep helping people that are in a funk (like me) and maybe the clothes will be an inspiration to someone else.. but anyway I have to get to 115 kilos before that will happen so the challenge is on.

So hopefully Helena you are still on for this because I sure am.

My weight yesterday was 121.6.

So by the 1 October I need to be 115.6 that is 6 kilos in 7 weeks.

OMG that is going to be soooo hard for me but I am going to do it. The most I lose in a week is 800 grams but hey it wouldn't be a challenge if it was easy aye.

So keep on me!!! I am going to do this.

Started off well today and I have been for a walk at morning tea (at work) and I am planning my meals for the day and I am planning my exercise for the week too and getting my new program done on Friday at the gym as I have booked in. This is good for me!!

THANK YOU LEENIE!!! This is a challenge that I needed!!! You are an angel.



Name: Lynise said...

Hi ya darl,
Love the clothes idea. I'm like you with 'rewards'. Monetary things don't motivate me much because I have everything I need and if something comes up that I need/want, I just get it. I base my goals around what I am going to do each week rather then what weight I want to be. In many regards my weight is out of my control so I figure there's no use beating myself up if I don't lose one week. Instead I focus on things that ARE within my control. For me this means my goals are things I am going to do, rather then things I am going to get.
This week I am walking 4 times in the week. By Saturday I will have walked 24km. I havn't decided what next weeks goal will be but it all revolves around some sort of weekly exercise.
I am wanting to have a nice holiday at the end of the year so my long term reward is I will take Evianah to Disneyland when I reach 100kg. (she doesn't know this as i just don't need the extra pressure)
Anyway, I hope you find this challenge really gets you working hard towards the 115kg mark. I'm hoping to be there by the first of Oct as well. WE CAN DO THIS.

just janene said...

Awesome stuff CM. You are sounding more enthused and motivated than you have been in a while. Go Leenie for putting down the challenge hehe

Rachel said...

Ohhhh your just chomping at the bit, aren't you......LOL

Go Leenie for setting the challenge, she really knows what makes you tick.

Block everything else out and go for it, we are all here behind you *mwah*

Anne said...

Leenie really is an angel and with a challenge like that - how can you fail! You won't!!! Go for it!

Chris H said...

Hmm wish someone would dangle something neat over my head... CAN YA HEAR ME HELENA!!! A ticket to Hawaii comes to mind... Go Mandy, I am bloody sure you can do it mate.

Helena said...

Hi babe, just read your entry and going to check my email now! Yes I'm still serious about the challenge, I have these gorgeous clothes that need a new home ... actually I've planned a wee bonus for you too ... that is ... if ya make it *grin*

Oh and honey, I didnt mean to imply you are depressing, cos you arent, you are human like the rest of us ... it was purely a figure of speech! Right going to check email

celtic_girl said...

Way to go - you sound pumped.

Anne said...

Hi Mandy - thanks for your comment re the kids/teachers etc. Funny you could see a similarity as quite often what you write about your boys I can too! An ealry childhood teacher mentioned the 'gifted' word with Devin, then he got to school and - well you read the story. It's wonderful now seeing him with a new teacher and the changes, you are right it just takes a bit of understanding!