Monday, 27 August 2007

Day Thirteen - L Challenge

Needless to say I am gutted that I have gained this week but I am being realistic as I know I have been good and I did lose (for me) a huge amount last week.

I am keeping on track (weight loss buddy knows this) and I am doing my exercise and so this week coming once my monthly is over I know it is going to change.

I am feeling good about the exercise and tracking at the moment and feel like I am finally back on a routine.

I have noticed that when eating my breakfast lately that I am getting full and usually breakfast's are terrible and I feel like I have never had enough so something is changing for me.

Weigh in day at home today:

Gain: 500 grams

Current weight: 120.4 kgs

Total loss from WW: 34.3 kgs

Total loss from start: 39.6


Leenie Challenge: 115.6 kgs

Started: 13 August 2007
End Date: 1 October 2007

To lose 6 kilos in 7 weeks

Start Weight: 121.6 kgs
Current Weight: 120.4 kgs

How much lost so far: 1.2 kgs
How much to go: 4.8 kgs

It is going to happen!!

I am going to keep it up!!

I did not give up last week and I am not going to give up this week because of what the scales say as I know I have been good.

That is all I have to say on the weight loss subject.

Anyway I am still gloating about yesterday's post with my beautiful beautiful boys and how great they did in soccer this year... how awesome is that.

Back at work today. As you all know I work 3 days a week but this week it is sort of like 4 days as I am going up to Auckland on Thursday (my day off) with some of the ladies from here for a course grrrrrr but hey I get paid for it and lunch gets paid so that is life aye.... it will be good to meet some of the other ladies up there too as I am always talking on the phone with them but never see them in person. Now the thing is what to wear he he he.

Anyway gotta get some work done.




just janene said...

Well you did expect a gain, and you know why it happened, and that's a pretty small gain, so i reckon once you've pee'd out all that fluid the scales will be lower. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

Keep at it CM, you're doing a fantastic job, and you WILL lose the 4.8kg by 1st October. No doubt in my mind :)

Anne said...

That's exactly the right attitude to have - so well done! You know you have done everything you can. I would call the gain a temporary body fluctuation and this will reverse! The main thing is that you haven't let the result get to you. You are going to do it!

No wonder you are so proud of your sons! Gorgeous photos of them, they are so cute. Great the team won as well!

Rachel said...

Piss - about the gain but it should be a good loss next week.

Loved the photo's of the boys soccer, you soccer Mum you!

Have a great week sweets.

Lee-Anne said...

I'm with Janene - once you've pee'd out that fluid things will be back to normal and you'll be showing a loss.

You're going fantastic and don't let anything get you down.

Hugs to you.

Helena said...

bein a woman is a pain in the arse sometimes ... but I wouldnt swap it for the world ... hang in there mate - next week is yours!