Thursday, 23 August 2007

Day Ten - L Challenge

I must say that I am getting pretty worried that I can't keep up this intensity for 7 weeks (well 6 weeks left). I am glad I have a challenge and it is a fantastic one but I seem to fail on the secon week after losing a big amount on the first.

I am still going with it and I am still tracking and I have a buddy that is keeping track of my tracker but have been really worried this week that I am not going to lose anything. I have NEVER lost 6 kilos in 7 weeks not even 4 kilos in 6 weeks so it is doing my head it.. NO I am not going to give up but it feels really unreachable at the moment.

I have an email buddy and she has been keeping me down on earth and making me believe in myself so it has been great to be able to tell her what I am feeling and she is a bit of an email junkie to so it has been great.

My day has been great.

How beautiful was it today!!! The sun was shining and there wasn't hardly any wind and I walked the boys to school and did Quinn's class spelling test and then decided to go for a walk. I just took off and then got to Corbin's soccer practice field and decided I would run one side walk one side run one side and then kept on walking because it was just a beautiful day. I took my mp3 player that made me groove on my way. Got to a diary that was about 40 minutes away from home (walk distance) and had a V (yes I know but it was my reward for going further away). Then I walked back. So by the time I got home again it was 11.45 and I looked at my steps and I had managed 9,565 steps and was happy about the steps as it was such a beautiful day.

Made a lovely chicken salad for lunch and then walked down to the coffee shop for my weekly coffee with my friends and it was fun. Then got the kids from school and walked home again. When I got home I looked at my steps and it said 13,771 but I over did it!! I wasn't feeling good and went up to bed and the boys watched cartoons and didn't want to get up.... think too much exercise today.. GO FIGURE...

Mum has gone to bingo and hubby has gone out with friends and I am here alone (well kids are in bed) but loving it because I am just relaxing and spending time for me.... I don't have to talk and I don't have to answer anyone and just watching tv and playing solitaire on my computer.. So basically a great end to a great day.

Love Chubbymum


just janene said...

Hey CM, Awesome steps today! Well done! Obviously you were in a walking mood today so just went for it :) Fair enough about the V, a great reward for all that effort. I'm sure weigh in will go fine - you can achieve Leenie's challenge, just put the past behind you and go for it!!!

Chris H said...

Wow, lots of steps, good for you! I have stopped wearing my pedometer cos it was just pissing me off! I has gone on the blink and I am NOT buying another one. Have a great weekend.

Lyn said...

Yep I've been there where I've over done it too ... don't burn yourself out chickey!!

So sorry i havent been round much to comment lately ... still stuck with this yucky virus on my computer so can only check blogs and comment on fridays at the station. bugger!!!!

Name: Lynise said...

I so wish I could pass some of my motivation onto you as I know how tough it is when our mind starts to doubt our ability to do things.
One good point I was told recently was to remember that our muscles do not have a memory, therefore although we may put a great effort in one week, the following week our bodies have literally forgotton the previous effort and will react according. I keep this in mind when I start to to think about loosening up on my exercise. The reality is that although I may have worked my butt off in June, I really slacked off in July and subsequently only lost a tiny amount for the whole month.
I think I've come to grips with the fact that I will have to put a lot of effort into this for the long term as my 50kg isn't going to fall off unless I put the work in.
We can so do this Mandy I really know we can. Maybe we should add a walk around the lake into our coffee day when I'm down. You are certainly not alone, remember you have the support of all the cool bloggers in NZ we celebrate each others victories.

Kate said...

I know how that feels, the 'i can't do this' feeling, but I believe you can. And anyway, if you don't.. you'll be that much closer to your goal anyway. And I have to say, if you need to look for inspiration anywhere at the moment, Leenie is the place to start - because she just gets on with it and does it, and that's something I admire because I wish I was more like that, lol.

Sue said...

Don't make me give you a lecture on negative self-talk young lady!
Of course you can lose two weeks in a row - you've proven to yourself that you can do whatever you put your mind to - so set your mind to doing this.
How about using the 'Act as if' approach. If you act as if your are positve and motivated, you will suddenly find that your are!

Sue said...

BTW - well done on the walking!

Anne said...

Well done on the steps.

Think positive thoughts!! Tell yourself you CAN do it and that you WILL succeed.

celtic_girl said...

Just take one day at a time and give yourself a pat on the back after you have stayed on track for the day.

Start thinking "I can do this" rather than "I can't do this"

Hope you have a great weekend

M said...

Yaaaay. I am here!! Thank you for your comments today and I am so glad I finally worked out where you were.

Well done on the steps CM. That is fantastic, and you know that the mind can play mean old tricks on you. But you are smarter than that. You know it IS possible to lose two weeks in a row. Just keep up the momentum. Keep positive. Keep smiling.

Sorry you fell off your bike recently *ouch*

Helena said...

I liked Celtic Girls suggestion, pack yourself on the back every day ... regardless of whether you perceived you've done well or not ... just do it ... no other bugger does and damn it we deserve some self recognition :) You know that self doubt will lead to a gain so cut it out! I'll be with you and Lynise in spririt walking around that lake *hugs*

Tania said...

You said "I have NEVER lost 6 kilos in 7 weeks" to that I say "THERE'S A FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING"!

Keep believing in yourself, face each day doing the best you can (and those steps are a bloody good start) and you just might surprise yourself!