Thursday, 9 August 2007


So with the gain this week I am determined to do well this week coming. Feeling like the photo above... lots and lots of rolls he he he.

I am feeling really bloated and have had heartburn since the weekend. Feeling like a blob and terrible so I have to sort out myself this week it isn't good... I am not feeling good about it at all and unhappy and as you can tell less blogging as well.

Today was full on with doing the spelling in Quinn's class and taking my mum out to pay her bills and do some shopping as she hasn't been out of the house in a week (oh dear).

Kris sent a text today to ask if I wanted to go for lunch and to be honest I didn't feel like sitting there listening to her life. I know that sounds terrible but since not having her around I have not felt like my weight loss was going wrong. I have been happy with my weight loss even though it hasn't been a huge huge loss I have been consistant and happy and not down on myself in the last couple of weeks.

Anyway so since I go to avo tea with some friends I decided that I wouldn't go to lunch with her but she could come to avo tea with us. I didn't tell her that we do it every week though because I don't want her to come every week.

Then picked up the boys and organised for them to have friends over tomorrow arghhhh 4 kids under 8 arghhhhh tomorrow.. what to do, what to do he he.

It doesn't seem like I have done a lot but it was full on and I haven't had time to sit.

Tomorrow morning I am back to the gym because I have been slacking on the Friday gym for a while and I sooooo want to get back in to it as I am slacking with my exercise this year. With all the crap last year I can't seem to get back in to it and don't wanna... I miss my group! I miss people that I feel comfortable with and people that I can do exercise with and not feel like they are judging me. None of them are going anymore after all that happened which is really sad but hey...

I really enjoyed this weekend so much that it has made me quite sad this week because I haven't got those great ladies close... 5 hours away, 8 hours away 2 hours away and no-one around here... no one that understands, no one to go to the gym with or for walks with and it is depressing for me. I know I have the blogs and I have emails I do realise that... but I don't have people that understand what it is like. The friends I have don't have weight problems like I do and don't realise how hard it is to loose 88 kilos... finding it really hard.


Helena said...

omg the photos were just awesome! LMAO! you still feeling bad about STEALING my gorgeous gift ... that would have been sooooooo perfect to take to hospital ... *drops bottom lip* LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for your support honey, you are awesome *smooch*

Abba said...

I've been gone awhile. It's good to be back. I love the look of your blog. Here's to catching up!

Chris H said...

Don't worry about the wine label, I will give Janene one of the bottles.. still full!!! We don't drink wine, so I am just going to hoard the other one! Memories eh?

my blog - said...

You are a very talented woman Mandz, that label is awesome!

celtic_girl said...

Love your new layout and the wine label looks awesome.

I know you'll get back into it and kick some butt next week.You go girl!!

Tania said...

It sounds so damned cliche'd but you have to feel the effects of not exercising and being bloated to appreciate how good it feels when you are focussed!

If only we could bottle all the motivation and just pour it out when we need it! You'll get back on track with it all - remember one day at a time!

Lyn said...

And a beautiful bottle label it was!! Of course! I was on it!! Pthhhh! lol