Friday, 24 August 2007

Day Eleven - L Challenge

Went for a walk today again because it was another lovely lovely lovely day.

I didn't go as far as I did yesterday... think I learnt my lesson lol.

I just have to say M.... missed you.

I enjoyed today. I enjoyed today because I didn't have to be anywhere or do anything like I usually have to do every day off so I went to my study to do some creating and found the room a mess so I cleaned it up first and then sat down and did some stamping for cards. It was really theraputic for me. I am considering making lots and selling them on trademe or something like that. I want to make some money because at the moment I am feeling quite strapped for money with Corbin's birthday, Fathers day, my birthday and Quinn's birthday in the next month it is just too much in one month.

I have missed making.. just because, I want to make cards ya know... just to be creative. I was in my room and was thinking (geesh that is terrible to be thinking he he he he he) I wish I could do this as a full time job. To be creative and to sell and make because I am enjoying and not because I have to do it to someone else's specifications... just to be creative. Hmmm going to make an effort to be more creative from now on.

So....... I got my monthly today OMG it explains it all... the moods, the depression the feeling like I should be eating everything under the sun (but I haven't).

I have tracked this week... my buddy is making sure of that and also hubby but I am going to either stay the same or gain this week because I feel it in my clothes and everything else but hey 1 week out of my 7 isn't bad because I know it will be because of my monthly and not because I haven't done enough exercise or not tracked... as I have. So I am trying to be realistic and to not put too much hope this week but to still keep tracking and exercising.

Corbin's and Quinn's last soccer game tomorrow and there is a lot riding on Corbin's game because if they win this they will either tie or win the Championship it is going to be so tense yet exciting tomorrow... ok yep yep yep proud mum and going to miss soccer..... not the early mornings but going to miss watching and cheering from the sidelines.

Goodnight everyone and have a great weekend.

Love Chubbymum


Chris H said...

I hope the boys last games go well. Good on you for tracking and having a good week mate.

Helena said...

I'd love to be creative every day too ... but somedays my brain isnt engaged and it really doesnt happen for me, but when I''m "feeling" creative WOOHOO its all on for young and old!

just janene said...

Wouldn't it be great to be able to just quit work and do what you really love? *sigh* We all need a big Lotto win hehe

Good on you for keeping on tracking, it really does make a difference aye!

Tania said...

Isn't it so easy getting lost in being a working mum? I think we often forget to do what we WANT to do so good for you on getting creative!!!

Hope the last soccer game goes well - have a great weekend.

Wanna_B_slim said...

I hope you are taking photos of your creativity.....