Friday, 17 August 2007

Day Four - L Challenge

So I went in to have my gym program done today and I asked for her to concentrate on my arms and legs and tummy because the cardio is sorted... I know what to do with the treadmill, cross trainer, bike and cross training and my walking so I really needed to have a program to sort out the muscles.

I have noticed that since doing weights I am losing hmmmm how could that be I wonder?

This morning was beautiful and the sun was shining and I took the boys to school (didn't walk ho hum because I had to be at the gym right away) and then when I got out of the gym it was grey and raining OMG where did the beautiful day go?

Got home and put clothes away and had a shower and read some of my Harry Potter book and since then I have moped around. Feeling a little down today and feeling lonely.

I feel like my life is centered around work, kids, email, blogs and that is it... I am sad that my friendship with Kris finished and only because I used to talk to her when feeling like this. I certainly don't want to go back to that but miss the friendship (or whatever it was). To go out shopping or to go to the gym together and it didn't seem like such a bad thing because I had someone doing the same thing and talking and it went faster.

I don't want to feel bad... but my day is a little bit of a sad one.

Will update later.



Anne said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit down and lonely. So hard to lose a friend. Had a similar thing happen in our lives and no matter what they do leave a gap.

Keep smiling:-)

celtic_girl said...

Keep your chin up hun. Most wives amd mothers feel like they don't have their own life - I know I do sometimes.Try and focus on the fact you have a wonderful husband and 2 happy and healthy boys who all love you dearly.

Big hugs my friend.

Chris H said...

Bummer being down... and lonely.. I know that feeling... most of the people I know down here work so am on my own most days ... not counting kids! At least you do go to work and interact with other adults on a regular basis ... ah hell I'm not helping! What to do about it.... *shrugging shoulders*... try to find another friend who is free when you are for company? Coffee, walk etc?

Christine said...

Just stopping in and love your new header! Very nice! Excited to keep an eye on you with this new journey!

Helena said...

hi babe, I'm sorry you feel lonely, that sucks! Dont think about it as being lonely, think about it as being time for you to enjoy yourself and do the things you want to do without anyone else making demands of your time :) Cherish your you times, make them something to look forward to so you feel like anyone else involved will be an intrusion! *hugs* you are doing good.

just janene said...

Buggar... I had a feeling I should phone you for a yack earlier tonight, but obviously didn't! I know what you are saying, since moving to Palmy I don't have a lot of friends to just hang out with, but things are improving and they will for you too :) *hugs*

just janene said...

Okay so I thought I had your phone number in an email, but I don't, so I couldn't have called anyway! Never mind... it's the thought that counts, right?? LOL

Sue said...

Hope your day improved and that you're enjoying your weekend.