Saturday, 18 August 2007

Day Five - L Challenge

Stayed up late last night watching Notting Hill... OHHHH so romantic and funny it put me in a better mood. Before starting to watch it I finished that last Harry Potter Book OMG it was exciting... there was so much information in it that I have to read it again I am sure of that.

I read for 3 solid hours and it felt like 1 hour it was sooooo soooo enthralling. I just loved the last chapter it was nice but there is a feeling that she can expand on it if she ever wants to and I sooo hope she does. Wow imagine it.. being that talented to write stories and people get caught up in it.

Did I mention that my hubby writes? he he he this is his blog please visit and leave messages I think it would encourage him. He is sooooo talented and I would like to encourage him to keep going with it.

Well as usual it is soccer day and it is pooring down with rain arghhhhhhh. Quinn told his Dad that he wanted me at the game (I am a bit of a shouter on the sidelines he he he) and Quinn likes to know that someone is supporting him I think and he looks over soooo much and his game improves like you wouldn't believe. Anyway they won today it was a great game and Quinn looked like he was playing Rugby and not Soccer by the end of it he he he.

The coach said he was really proud of him in the last two games it is like he has a fire under him. For the last two weeks I kept on saying to him...."this is your teams ball not the other teams ball take it do not let them have your teams ball" and I think now he realises that he can take the ball and he doesn't have to let them keep it... sooo great.

Corbin's team won too (Jeremy went went him) and after last weeks game they are top equal with another team and they won this week so we are hoping that the other top team will lose this week or draw so that we can we the championship OMG I hope so.

So after that the boys came back and had a bath and Jeremy had an appointment with the gym to do another program and so I went too... I only wanted to do 1/2 and hour but ended up doing 45 minutes. I went on the treadmill for 15 minutes and after 10 minutes I decided that every second minute I would run for a minute walk for a minute it was great.

My scales are looking fantastic and I think that is because I am doing the gym and swapping the cardio and the weights and it is making a huge difference.

I have thought a lot this week about doing the colon cleanse thing but I don't want to... I want to change my lifestyle and work out things that my body needs to do this and not for a quick fix to get the weight off. I know it is has been fantastic for Lyn and that she has learnt a lot from it and has changed the way she thinks about it but for me it is too restrictive and in the past being too strict has made me go the opposite way. But good on Lyn for doing it.

I have proved to myself this week (THANKS Leenie) that I can do this but had to work out a different way than I have been doing. Now this week I haven't been strict on my food but been pointing my food and staying within them but I have had naughty things too and it has been working. I am loving my scales this week and I can't wait till Monday to say what is happening but weekends are when I fall so I shall have to see how things are going.

Anyway I am back on later as it is only 1.30.



Chris H said...

I am doing the detox thing like Lynn ... I am looking on it as a KICK START back into doing the right thing, and I know it can work for me.... I just needed something to get me going again... and hopefully this is going to do the trick and make me feel better within myself. Each to their own for sure, that's what my new support group is all about! I hope you find working with a buddy helps too.... good luck over the weekend....

just janene said...

You sound like you've definately found your mojo again... can't wait to see how weigh in goes on Monday!!!

Whoever I want to be said...

wow you have been a busy bee blogging.... great to see things so positive again. Have a great Sunday


Helena said...

ooh ... its weigh day tomorrow? YOU GO GIRLFRIEND ... txt me txt me txt me! :)