Thursday, 16 August 2007

Day Three - LC Challenge

It felt like a lazy day but really it hasn't been.

Woke up this morning and it was blowing outside like it was going to rain but it didn't start when I was trying to take the kids to school so I got my tracksuit and sweatshirt and sneakers on and walked the kids to school and decided to go for a walk when they were at school...

Got to school and one of the mums said "are you going for a walk" I said yes and she said can I join you so we went on a walk and it didn't feel like we went very far but I had done 8,402 steps by 10.30 wohoooo and then we went for a coffee (well I had a frappe with water and no cream woohooo) and chatted for a while and then I walked home.

Took mum out shopping and went to get 6 light sabor's (star wars) for Corbin's birthday party and also got a lot of things for Quinn's birthday for his desk (that mum is buying him for his birthday). Quinn is a lot like me and is a stationery aholic he he he so I got pens and stapler, pads, colour paper, stickers and a diary etc there is heaps and heaps of things for him... it was great to get most of the birthday stuff all done.

Came back and had lunch then I was off again for my weekly coffee with some of the school mums OMG 2 times in one day going to a coffee shop. I had a english breakfast tea, but didn't drink it as I wasn't in the mood really and brought it because I thought i had to sit there with something.

And now I am home and my steps so far are....9,653 and I am happy with that as my average is usually 7,000 so that is all good for me today.

Got a gym appointment tomorrow morning for my new program so I am looking forward to that and Jeremy has his appointment at 12 on Saturday so we are going to be motivated and on to it woohooo.

So tonight is a relax and design Corbin's birthday party invites arghhhhh.

Might update later.
Feeling great today

The rest of the day was just cooking dinner for the family and then playing Jenga with Corbin and now wanting people to update on their blogs as I am bored bored bored... argghhhhhh wanting to read some positive things and wanting to have something to read and and and and OMG am I babbling or what??

P.S I am glad that ChrisH has updated because I have been worried about her all day. I phoned her place this avo to find out if everything was ok and her son said she was out and things were ok... can relax now.



celtic_girl said...

Wow, nearly 10,000 steps before lunch that's great.

So glad your feeling great and on top of everything it does makes a difference dosen't it. I know myself I'm feeling alot better at the momemt.

Take care Hun and keep up the good work

Lyn said...

Great going with the steps chick! I was very sad to bury my pedometer last week ... it died on me :(

Helena said...

Nice work today mate, congrats! :)

Name: Lynise said...

ok, I've updated for ya. lol
Nothing much to report though. (same old property drama).

My week is pretty blah (food wise) I've not gone near my salad type vegies this week (too darn cold) so I think I've eaten way to much hot stodgy warm comfort food.
Back to the meal replacement shakes I think. When will I learn?

Chris H said...

You are the sweetest lady, worrying about me! I feel much better today, not so "drunken" feeing... and the belly and back are not too bad either. Hope the party for Corbin goes well, when is it?

Anne said...

Hey - werll done on those steps. Was totally annoyed this morning I put on my pedometer walked away and got home - 96 steps LOL I think there is something wrong with it!

Rachel said...

Man it takes me two days to get that many steps.......on ya chic!

Can't wait to see what helena sends you once you finish this challenge because you sounds ON TRACK with your exercise.

Corbins party sounds fun and it sounds like Quinn is going to love all the bits and pieces for his desk.

Livy said...

Sounds like you are having a great day. Good for you!