Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Sick Sick Sick

Was going to do an update on Sunday but with all the driving etc and I didn't feel well all the way home I didn't.

Yesterday (Monday) went to work at 7.30 and by 8.30 I emailed my boss and said I was sick and going home... I wasn't feeling very well at all yesterday went home took the kids to school and then I got in bed at 9am and woke up at 3.30 (hubby got the kids for me). Wow if any of you know me at all you will know that I do not like wasting the day away sleeping so I was reallllly not well. Had a sore throat, ear infection and my ulcer had flared up (I think it flared up because of the alcohol in the weekend grrr he he he).

I will update tonight with pictures (Helena I haven't forgotten your string pictures will send them they turned out really well) on the weekend.

I had a fantastic time and enjoyed every moment of it and I just love those ladies they are all wonderful.

Anyway better get some work done.



Tania said...

Hope you feel better soon! Alcohol has a lot to answer for doesn't it? :-) Glad you had a great weekend.

Chris H said...

Oh bummer about being ill... sorry to hear that after such a neat weekend. Maybe your body just needed a rest eh?

Lee-Anne said...

Have to admit feeling a bit shattered myself on Sunday night. That's why I'd booked another couple of days off - to recover, lol. Back to work tomorrow though. We had a ball though and it was worth it. Look forward to the pics. Hope you're feeling better.

celtic_girl said...

Big hugs to you for a speedy recovery.

Glad you had a blast on the weekend

Rachel said...


Sorry you are crook mate.

It was great seeing you again, I'm sure we would live in each other's pockets if we lived closer together (and commiserated about our parent...hehehe poor us).

I agree with what you said on Lyn's blog, we are all going to gain this week and I'm really not too worried about it as it IS only one weekend a year where we will proberly get together and let our hair down.
I'm weighing in tonight.

Good luck with yours sweet cheeks.

Christine said...

Sure hope you feel better real soon!

WeeeSplat said...

Poor girl, I'll commiserate with ya, even if I ain't sick...