Thursday, 2 August 2007


I wore my jeans and a top today and it felt so great. I know I have only lost 800 grams but I think I have gone down in centimetres because I feel my tummy is a little flatter (I know I am still a big woman) but compaired to always looking pregnant my bottom tummy isn't as big and looking in the mirror it feels flatter.

I feel fantastic and I cannot wait till this weekend catching up on everyone... sooo nervous but I also know how wonderful these ladies are and after reading their posts every night I know that they are great down to earth ladies... it is going to be fun.

I wish we all lived closer it would be great to have a walking group with them all or going to the gym etc.

I have been a little slack on everything in the last month.... since working so much on Papaya has made me feel a little like OMG I don't want to do anything for a while and have a break and just do some fun things so I have been doing some digital scrapbooking stuff and spending time with hubby having romantic baths and going for walks etc it has been great.

I have a question do any of you have a quiet hubby (or other half) my husband sometimes is sooo much an introvert it is hard having conversations with him. I know he has been like that since before I met him but sometimes I don't know how his day went or what he thinks and I know when I ask him he says day went ok... but he doesn't elaborate... is that like that for every man? I know they don't like talking as much as woman but sometimes it drives me insane. He sent me an email today that his workmates and him are doing... They are organising a DVD and Pizza night next week and sent me the email today (which btw went out to the other workmates last week) and he is only just asking me now and said he forgot) but OMG he is the one that is organising it so why didn't he tell me about it when I asked him about his day... I mean I ask every day how his day went and what did he do (just so that we communicate) and he doesn't say much...

I suppose I am getting too worried about it because he isn't a person that talks too much to anyone even his brother or his friends but sometimes I wish we could talk and talk and talk to each other.

I mean we spend all our spare time with each other apart from work committments etc and enjoy each others company just sometimes I wonder why he doesn't talk.

So that is my wonderful of the day.

So what have I done today to make me feel proud: I spent time in Quinns class checking their spelling and enjoyed knowing that Quinn is just as great as all the kids there and that he is such a cool kid and not as annoying as others he he he so I am proud of my younges son today.


Chris H said...

So your hubby is quiet and doesn't talk much, seems to me from what you have said in the past he is fantastic in every way.... and you do talk! Hasn't he helped you with your stuggles with weight and business, been there for you all the a wonderful Dad, etc etc.... what are you worried about? He's a bloke, blokes don't YAK LIKE US GIRLS!!! Mate, leave him alone, it's a boy thing! Come down here and we can YAK YAK YAK all you like... ha ha ha.

WeeeSplat said...

I totally agree with Chris, it's definetly a guy thing... Women can call a friend and talk about absolutely nothing, and men communicate mostly in grunts. It's just what they do. I've gotten communication with my man down to a fine art. I nag :)

He's probably just getting used to the idea that you're not as big as you were, and it's maybe like sleeping with a stranger? Or that you probably have so much more confidence that you're like a whole new you, and maybe he's not sure how to deal with it. Give him time. And a few beers. You'll be fine. :P

fitcat said...

My man is a bit the same way....he'll keep quiet and listen to me chatter away and sometimes I really don't know what's going on deep down with him. But then on the rare occasion he does open up and that's when I've learnt to keep quiet and listen.

But no, you're definitely not alone!

Helena said...

Craig has no chance, I make up for the both of us LOL ... although hes getting better, might have to knock that on the head :p

Sinnasue said...

Want to exchange? I am the silent one and husband LOVES to talk. I drive him mad. Personally I think my partner knows and understands me so much that I do not have the need to talk. Maybe he is like that?

Tania said...

Yep I would say it's a guy thing! My husband works in IT but still can't get enough computer time at home - he can play online games for hours on end but has trouble holding a simple 5 minute conversation! Sometimes it bothers me, mostly I accept it as being who he is.

Hope you girls are all having a fantastic weekend together!

Congrats on the differences you're feeling, it's the greatest motivation isn't it?