Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Day Eight - Leenie Challenge

I have been in a horrible mood today.

I think I might be getting my monthly early..

I haven't been in a mood to anyone and seemed normal to everyone just felt fat and bloated and felt like the 1.7 I had lost this week I hadn't lost.

I stuck to it last week and this week I am sliding. Not that I want to but my mind keeps saying ohhh you deserve it you can have this and this.

Well this afternoon the Director told someone to tell me that she needed me urgently in the tea room. I thought to myself what the hell does she want (she is not my boss I just reside in an office there) and when I went in the tea room they had done an afternoon tea for me and Sherryl for our birthdays.

No it isn't my birthday but it will be at the start of September and Sherryl leaves tomorrow so she wanted to make sure that the monthly birthday shout was given so they had a cake and candles and we had to blow them out. The tradition is that the birthday people for that month have to blow out the candles before anyone can have the afternoon tea he he he. So I was a little naughty and I had a little piece of cake (now the size was the size of two fingers) as there are 38 women and 1 cake. But there were chips and dips and grapes and cheese and biscuits.... but it would have been rude not to have any of the cake.

I want to get this weight off and I want to do this challenge and I need to keep my head space right because I know I can do this. I think the thing I have not sorted in my head that because I managed to do 1.7 last week certainly doesn't mean I can do it again. Even though I want to do that again but my history tells me otherwise and I think that bothers me.

Ok Leenie... I know I know I am getting intense again aye... but I suppose if I don't talk about it on here then I am going to keep it in my head so better I get intense he he he.

I have kept within my points again woohooo.

Went to the gym tonight and I was a little pissed. Jeremy got his program and it was all graphed to show him how to do all the exercises and it was clear and concise and the trainer went through it with him...

Well my trainer asked me a lot of question (spent an amazing amount of 10 minutes with me ) yes I am being scarcastic and then my program was like done for a new comer. OMG woman I know I haven't had you for a trainer but OMG I have been here 2 years and done triathlons, boot camps, tough guy/gal challenge and numerous challenges with the lean team and the program were 2 sets of 10 on this and that and OMG I have been doing 3 sets of 15 for most of my weights and weight set higher etc... so what a waste of Fkn time I tell you.

I was pissed and hubby said "just do your program" FK OFF is what I wanted to say while there were 20 people at the gym. I got so mad because he was being condesending that I walke out of the main gym downstairs to the womans gym to get away from him and did the circuit (like a curves workout) downstairs and then sat in the sauna for a while as if I didn't I would want to punch my husband (and that wouldn't be good now would it).

I did have a compliment today though from a mum that used to have her child at my work 2 years ago and she was in the Directors office and I went in and she said "OMG what the hell happened to you?" I stopped thinking OMG (and looking at my top for a stain) what are you talking about and then she said "You look fantastic" so I was walking about 3 feet taller than before he he he he... then she went on and on about how great I look... didn't think I had changed that much...

So even though I am in a miserable mood I have made sure that I have done my exercise and tracked my food today.

I must admit I have to choose more wisely from now on because I could end up going the wrong way.

Anyway going now.. think I might get another early night as I went to bed at 8pm last night and still felt like I didn't have enough.



Helena said...

good on ya babe, we wouldnt be human if we werent grumpy! LOL ask any man! LMAO ... stick to your guns and expect to get more and more compliments! you are a hot right now :)

Helena said...

oh yeah ... the 1.7, forget about it ... that was last weeks old news ... start thinking about this weeks new news ;)

Anne said...

You may be feel intense but at least by putting your thoughts down you are working through them, rather than putting them in the back of your mind. I'm with Leenie - stick to it and look forward to the result this week.

How wrong of the gym to not look into what you could achieve before setting the program - but sorry I got the giggles at the thought of you maybe punching your man!

just janene said...

Hmmm I'd be going back & talking to the manager and asking for another trainer and explaining exactly why. That's just not on! You pay fees at the gym and that entitles you to be listened to and not treated like a newbie when you're not!

Like Leenie says, forget about last weeks loss, just focus on this week, keep tracking and exercising, and it will all come together. Don't let the past determine the future :) (how's that for intense?? hehe)

Name: Lynise said...

hi ya,
Hey are you up for a visit next week. I have Wednesday/Thursday off and thought I would take a drive down if your free. Since we are both doing so well at the mo, how does water at a swanky cafe sound?
(with coffee beans added :-)
Let me know. Those days may be flexible if they don't suit I would just need to let work know and check its ok.

celtic_girl said...

I agree with Anne, the gym should of seen or asked you what you have done previously. I would tell them,stuff it you are the paying customer after all.