Monday, 20 August 2007

Day Seven - Leenie Challenge

I have posted every day since this Leenie Challenge.

Feel the fire back that is for sure.

So today is officially the first weigh in for Leenie Challenge and here we go.....

Weigh in day at home today:

LOST: 1.7 kilos wohooooo

Current weight: 119.9 kgs

Total loss from WW: 34.8 kgs

Total loss from start: 40.1


Leenie Challenge: 115.6 kgs

Started: 13 August 2007

End Date: 1 October 2007

To lose 6 kilos in 7 weeks

Start Weight: 121.6 kgs

Current Weight: 119.9 kgs

How much to go: 4.3

So I am pretty impressed with that loss this week and I haven't changed much in the food but to track and to keep to my 22 points and I did that.

I did make sure that I went to the gym and I made a rule with myself that I didn't have to do an hour I could do a half an hour but I had to make it count and it did I reckon because I get there and think OMG I have to do an hour and then don't want to go because doing it by myself isn't the same as when I was doing it with Lean group.

Anyway so this week I went 4 times and I also went for a long walk... so that is 5 times this week.

I ran on the treadmill on Saturday too and it was great I really really enjoyed it.

I don't think I am going to be able to keep up the loss I had this week but it has given me a boost. But if I can aim for 700 grams a week I am going to be sweet.

So thanks Leenie once again for the boost... it is nice to aim for something again.



Name: Lynise said...

woohoo,,, thats an awesome first week LC.
You will be at 115 in no time.
I havn't checked my scales this week and after a blow out weekend, (ate full roast at a dinner party) then went for yum char on Sunday I'm hoping I didn't totally blow all my good work.
I have a reunion to go to on the 19th October and WILL be 110.
Might even go shopping for a new outfit.,,,,,,, exciting.

Anne said...

Fantastic work!!! A few achievements too - under 120 and a total of over 40!! You are on fire! You've worked for it and you deserve that loss!

just janene said...

Awesome stuff Mandy, it won't take you long to meet Leenie's challenge and get to 115 :)

Like the new layout too, btw!

Sue said...

What a great loss! And such a positive focus, too....

Abba said...

Great job!!! You are doing so awesome!

Rachel said...


Isn't it amazing that the only major thing you did different this week was actually track? I often think I've had a great week but when I work out how many points I've had its very scary. sweat girlfriend.

Lee-Anne said...

That is a fantastic loss Mandy, but what really gets me is your attitude and I can feel it. It's like you're back in control. You Go. Bloody brilliant.

Chris H said...

Ahh it's all been said already... already.. you are rockin chick, keep it up!

Helena said...

good on you for believing in yourself!!!!!!!! I'd better start packing those clothes! Congrats mate, well deserved - lets have another good week :)

celtic_girl said...

WOOHOO!! on the loss. I agree with Helena, believe in yourself,don't even think of the words "can't and wont" they don't exist.

Tania said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a huge first week loss, you should be very proud of yourself! Sometimes all it takes is to know that someone believes in us as much as we should believe in ourselves.

I've just caught up with all your news from the last week or so and i'll be back each day cheering you on from the sidelines - YOU CAN DO THIS!!!