Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Day Nine - Leenie Challenge

Was tempted tempted tempted today and I caved but only a tiny bit. A homemade sausage roll (little one) only because they smelled sooo sooo good. Work had another shout today for my friend who is leaving work and I was sitting there for about 10 minutes and it was too much for me. Normally I just walk out or don't go in the tea room at all because of work shouts.... and grrr this time I forgot my morning tea and afternoon tea at home because I was going on a work lunch (sushi)... OMG am I rambling on or what.

I felt bad but I worked my butt off at kickboxing tonight to make up for it and I wasn't going to go to kickboxing but said to myself... you cheat you get punished.

I really want to get to the 115.6.... I really really do and I think that my monthly is coming this week because I have been soooo up and down in my moods and happy one minute sad the next and really really snappy the next.

I have noticed since losing the weight that my monthly is so so so different and I get it more often. I used to be a 38 day cycle (OMG I loved that) and now I am a 28 day cycle and my moods are really bad. I never had a mood when I was bigger and I never snapped or felt this low... such a weird thing. I know what I am like it but it still doesn't make it any better.

Exercise this week has been:

Monday - Weights

Tuesday - Rest

Wednesday - Kickboxing

Thursday - Long Walk

Friday - Step Class

Saturday - Weights

Sunday - Cardio and Weights

I am mixing it up and not doing the same thing every week... hopefull it will work out and also keep me going as I was getting bored for some time there.

I miss my trainer at the gym... and the lady that did my program is leaving so she doesn't care. So I have gone online to Body for Life and I am going to do their weight program for a while and see how it works. It is a great time to try something new because what I have been doing isn't working so hey why not.

Work was ok today... can't say I am there because I love it but it is flexible and the work is a no brainer at the moment while the kids are small.

Took Corbin to soccer practice today (last one woohoo) and I was watching them play a game and this boy came up to me (I would say he was about 9) and he said "can you tell me what the boy with the red hair's name is please?" and I said "His name is Corbin" he said "I saw him play at the start of the year and I thought he was good but Wow has he improved and he is a great player" Wow I was stunned that a young boy would come and say that. It was a nice thing to say... and of course I said to the boy "he is my son" woohoooooo proud mummy moment.

Corbin loves being chaser (in the middle getting it off the kids) he doesn't like being striker but the coach made him practice striker today and he got two goals and was good at it but he hated it. Afterwards the coach said that he has been committed this year and has played really really well and he could tell that he has been practicing in the weekends too. Proud mummy moment TWO he he he. Said that he was one of the few in the team that was committed and came to every practice and every game and was a pleasure. That was a really nice thing to say.

I must say I am enjoying being a soccer mum. I am enjoying watching the game and understanding it and I am enjoying watching my boys enjoying playing. It is great....

I am a little sore from kickboxing tonight as her routine has changed a little... and I tried more than usual and I was running and doing high knees etc... I am proud of it tonight.


Name: Lynise said...

hi ya,
The exercise sounds great and I'm sure it will be helping alot. A woman at the gym today told me that she is on the body for life 12 week program. She is up to week 3 and although she has only lost 3kg she has lost a massive 22 cm off her measurements. (she doesn't have much weight to lose at all, so the weight loss will not be huge, but the exercise sure must be toning her).
In regards to a drive to Hamilton I can't do Friday unfortunately as I have an appointment in Akl at 4.30pm so it would be a lot of driving. BUT I will check back later next week and maybe we can do our swanky water (with added caffine) the following week.

just janene said...

Awwww you proud soccer mum you! sooo cute! hehehe So Corbin's gonna be the next David Beckham huh? (I don't know any kiwi soccer players names!). Go for it with your own exercise programme at the gym, sounds like a great plan :)

Chris H said...

It's 11.20pm and all I can say is... it's late and I'm tired! Monthly's ..mine come every 21 days, beat that! And they keep me indoors for the first two days with flooding..... grumble over.

Christine said...

You are doing so well. Super proud of you that you found something that works for you. :)

Anne said...

Corbin sounds like he loves soccer, no wonder you are proud.

Good idea to juggle up the exercise. I do admire your committment!

fitcat said...

That is so great about the soccer and I'm amazed that nine year old boy a) noticed and b) commented.

Hmm, you have inspired me to get out and get moving again - I have lost so much fitness! After work tonight I'll go for a walk and maybe run a bit. :)