Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Day Fourteen - Leenie Challenge

Today wasn't eventful at all.

Went to work and had Debbie back from a 3 week work experience in another creche and then back again and said to me that I am looking really good and that she would like to have my clothes when they are too big for me. I felt like saying to her that if she was losing the weight she wouldn't need my clothes but didn't want to get in to that. Apparently the other teachers were saying that she is eating chocolate every day and just not wanting to lose the weight.

I want to say something to her but it got to be such a battle where I was propping her up all the time and helping her lose the weight that I wasn't concentrating on my own weight loss. I might say something subtle and see how I go because I don't want her to go backwards but I am certainly not going to be concentrating on her weight loss anymore either.... so we shall see.

Went shopping yesterday to get a Fathers day present for hubby and OMG is he hard to buy for or what. I am tired of buying him books and CD's OMG for 18 years all he wants for Xmas and Birthdays is Books and CD's and I do understand that it is nice to get things that you like but it gets a little boring for the people buying. So I brought something (now I am not telling you right now because he reads this blog sometimes and I don't want him to know what the boys got him... but it wasn't a book or a CD wooohoooo me!!).

I was so down in the dumps last week when I felt I was gaining weight and I was doing well. I was telling my email buddy all about it everyday and she must have been getting annoyed he he he but I just could feel the clothes getting tighter... well yesterday I finished my monthly and OMG do I feel good today and feel like I am back where I was a week ago... it is bliss. I was getting upset because I knew I had been trying hard to be good and it didn't feel right.

Has anyone else noticed when they had lost a lot of weight that their monthly's were different. I never used to go longer that 5 days and now they are longer and also it used to be like a 38 day cycle and now it is a 28 day cycle... I know I know it is great that it is normal health wise but OMG I don't feel like it is great when I have more of them a year now he he he but I am also feeling really moody (when I didn't before) and heavy and angry... it is the weirdest thing ever.

Anyway have a good night everyone
Love Chubbymum



Lee-Anne said...

That monthly is a real hard part of our lives thats for sure...I to feel down in the dumps and fat and bloated but once its gone for the month feel much better..You are doing so so very well all the excise.and family time doing it your are Great...

Sue said...

My periods are SOOOO much better - less cramping, less bloating - I think being fit has really helped.

Rachel said...

Yep I know your pain hun, the older I get the LOOOOOOOOOnger my periods seen to get and the more cramping I am getting.

Leenie suggested the green tea for cramps and when I remember, it really does work but I use to only get mine for about 3 or 4 days now it is 5 or 6.....ggggggggrrrrrr?

M said...

Hey there. I think that we have to accept a fair bit of changes within our body as we continue to re-shape it and this is one area that definitely changes. I think it is better the fitter and healthier you are as the body seems to want to cramp and bloat less..

On a more wholesome topic - the boys get Mark the same thing every year for Fathers Day. A silver frame - engraved with Happy Fathers Day Daddy and the year, and with a black and white photo in it. Sometimes it is one frame with them both in it, or a double frame with a single photo of each of them in it. Well - this year we are going high-tech and we have got him a digital picture frame. I am getting a little engraved plate to put on it, but I have about 50 photos loaded so far and will probably leave it at that (so it is done in time) and then add more photos to the card as time goes on. The card will hold about 1,000 photos. It has a remote control, plays music and everything...LOL.. Can you tell I wish I had bought myself one too..

Have a great day, and keep drinking that water, and keep your steps up, and your body will balance itself out soon.

Awww and thanks for missing me *mwah*

Tania said...

Yay, I can access your blog - for some reason I couldn't last night!

Glad to hear you're feeling better, it's tough isn't it knowing that you're doing everything possible to lose the weight only to have TOM take the success away from you.

After going through a lot of extensive tests to determine the cause of my miscarriages I found out that I had a condition which meant I shouldn't have been on the pill! Ever since Lachlan was born I have suffered TERRIBLY with TOM as a result, so know only too well how frustrating it can be.

Can't wait to hear what present you got hubby - i'm the same, I always by mine DVD's or give him money towards yet another computer upgrade ... lol

celtic_girl said...

I agree with you about not wanting to get involv ed with Debbie's weightloss. I always have the same problems thinking of things to buy my hubby.

Lee-Anne said...

My periods are longer and more infrequent as I get older. Just wish they would stop altogether.

I'm glad you're feeling better and more positive. At least you won't have to worry about TOM for awhile again. And spring on Saturday, a great pick me up.

Lyn said...

As for your friend not wanting to lose weight, there is nothing you can do or say, just be there for her if she decides she does want to. When i was piling on my weight I had everyone tell me to wake up and get back on track, but i just couldn't!!! No matter how much i wanted to I just had to wait till my head was in the right space and that took me 18mths.

I always bloat up during TTOM. This last time (2wks ago) I didn't gain but stayed the same even after working my butt off. But it payed off this week when I had a 2kg loss (normal 500g-1kg loss plus fluid going)

Apologies again for not catching up with your blog. Can only catch up once a week at this stage, but that's not to say I'm not thinkin of ya!!!

Hey wanna go for a walk on Saturday? I'm coming over to Hamilton for a birthday party at 7pm so we could go for a walk mid/late afternoon? Oops just realised Saturday is tomorrow, doesn't give us much time to organise it! lol

But I'm keen if you are. Fire me an email on bills-honey@hotmail.com ... that's a new email addy btw until my computer back home is up and running again. I'll make sure I check my email's before I leave station tonight. And if ya wanna, leave me your ph on the email and I'll ring/txt ya.

M said...

Just wanted to pop by and say that I have just loaded up the digital photoframe with a memory stick FULL of photos that I cropped / played with last night - and it is SENSATIONAL..

Good for Christmas if you can't do it now..

Have a great weekend CM - Happy Fathers Day to your DH

Whoever I want to be said...

Cant wait for the periods to stop. Anyway just popping in to say Hi and have an awesome weekend


Name: Lynise said...

hi ya chicky,
hope your having a great week. I know this is probably not a very good answer (and people may be shocked) but once I discovered that the depo injection stops all my cycles I decided this was the option for me. I LOVED not having a monthly for almost 2 years, then at the Dr's recommendation I had a six month break before going back on for another 12mths.
Its not a long term solution as you can't stay on it forever. At the moment I'm letting my system have a break but I can' say I look forward to the monthly bloating etc and will probably go back on depo at the end of the year.
After saying I wanted to come down to Hamilton this coming week I have been booked for more work so have decided to grab it while I can and may have two days off the following week. (will keep you posted, but will make a trip down real soon).
Take care