Saturday, 1 September 2007

Day Eighteen - Leenie Challenge

I know I promised I would update everyday on this challenge but too many things happening in my life... with organising Corbin's birthday party today and last night organising a family dinner etc because it was his real birthday on the 31st and Thursday I was up in Auckland for a course with work (and as you know I don't work on a Thursdays grrr so was annoyed with work). Started work at 7.30am by travelling up there and got back at about 4.30pm).

Today is the party and they turn up at 2.30 and so we went for a walk early this morning and it was great... went to get some paper for wrapping a birthday present for a party that Quinn is going to.

Got back and while hubby was making lunch I was supposed to go and get a shower. I was on a high because food has been good and feeling great today. Got upstairs turned on the shower... bent down to get the towel I dropped on the floor and SNAP I pulled my disk in my back again OMG OMG I was screaming to Jeremy and he came upstairs made me get a hot shower and then I felt tingly and dizzy and I almost fainted in the shower.. Shaking and (apparently white) OMG how could this happen on my son's birthday. So I am sitting downstairs finally and hubby is doing most of it OMG THIS IS NOT BLOODY FAIR!!! I don't want to be an invalid on my son's birthday..

Will tell you more later. Hubby is checking on me like every 3 minutes as his face is looking worried. He couldn't understand why I almost fainted and why I was soooo pale.. I think I scared him... FUCK I scared myself... I am finally living right with food and exercise I don't want to be


Chris H said...

Shit!!! I hope you are ok? Maybe you just need to rest up tonight.... if not better tomorrow go to the doctor!!! Poor you.

just janene said...

OMG Mandy, I hope you are okay?? As Chris said, if you're not better tomorrow you'd best get to the Dr's! *hugs*

M said...

First of all - Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy..

Secondly - DON'T PANIC!! You know how the drill is with your back. Take it easy, take some anti-inflamatories, stay calm, and tomorrow see if you can go and see the Dr or the chiro to help you adjust it back in again.

I am with you on the back pain and I touch wood every day that I haven't had another major slip like that. The last one was a couple of years ago when I went to pick up Oscar. I couldn't move and had to crawl over to the phone to get Mark to come home as I couldn't even pick Oscar up. He came, got the locum, and I got a great shot of morpheine in my tail. *Noice*

Hope that the pain has settled down a little.

Please take it easy and stay calm. You haven't thrown all your good efforts out the window.


M x

Helena said...

you poor darling! Man thats so not fair! Hang in there babe, look after yourself and dont stress too much! :)

celtic_girl said...

OMG Mandy, I hope you are OK, please take it easy and some pain meds into you.

Happy birthday to your son as well.

Felicity said...

Hun sorry to hear u 'dun'ya back kiddo Look after yaself.
I know its pretty impossible from here but if there is anything I can do...u know where I am.