Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Day Twenty Two - L Challenge

Weigh in day at home today:

Loss: 800 grams

Current weight: 119.6 kgs

Total loss from WW: 35.1 kgs

Total loss from start: 40.4


Leenie Challenge: 115.6 kgs

Started: 13 August 2007

End Date: 1 October 2007

To lose 6 kilos in 7 weeks

Start Weight: 121.6 kgs

Current Weight: 119.6 kgs

How much lost so far: 2 kgs

How much to go: 4 kgs

I am in VIRGIN FAT!!!! OMG I have to stop going back up a couple of hundred grams and then down again like a yoyo.... what is wrong with me.

I think I will weigh in on Wednesday's though as I hate Monday weigh in's and with my birthday this weekend and then the next two weeks are all social I need to give my body a couple of days to come down ya know.

I am pleased with the scales this morning!!! SO SO SO pleased because I have been tracking and I am starting to tweak it now I reckon and seeing what I am doing maybe a little wrong and changing it.


just janene said...

Well done on the loss this week, and on getting into "virgin" fat! Wooohooo!!!!!

M said...

Congratulations CM on your loss this week - and on breaking back into Virgin territory. I think that is AMAZING.

And happy birthday for Sunday mate. Mine is on Saturday so we will have our usual time-zone cross over shared birthday for about 4 hours. I will make sure I have a drink for you then :)

tracy said...

Well done!!!! 1/3 there on the Leenie Challenge.

Sue said...

Way to go CM!

WeeeSplat said...

Woohoo Go CM!!! You're on fire girl!! Hee hee
Show 'em what you're made of :P

Rachel said...

Virgin weight aye......awesome!!

Great loss this week chic, so proud of you.

I'm not gunna say Happy Birthday yet because I figure if everyone says it now, nobody will do it on Friday (or Sunday), so I'm leaving my birthday wishes until Friday (I can't get on my home PC on the weekend....sorry).

I have a few social outings this week and I am trying to relax and just make good choices but its really hard when other people cook for you.

Anne said...

Yay for you!!! Virgin fat - what a great feeling to reach that goal!

Lee-Anne said...

Fantastic hun. Am so pleased for you. 800 gms is a great loss.

Looking forward to Saturday.

Tammy said...

Just living up to my end of the deal ... leaving a comment! ;-)

Congrats on getting into "virgin" fat. Totally stoked for you. You will be reaching your Leenie challenge goal before you know it.

Looking forward to reading your blog again.


Felicity said...

88.88 wat a fantastic close to 100.00 u can do it girl.

Tania said...

Congrats on the loss and an even bigger congrats on being into virgin fat! I'm with you - Wednesday weigh ins work much better for me too. Glad you had a nice dinner out, enjoy the rest of your week.