Sunday, 2 September 2007

Day Nineteen - L Challenge

Spent most of the day relaxing and trying to not use my back muscles as I did do something to my back.

It was fathers day and so I got up early with the kids that stayed the night and laid on the couch while they watched the Star Wars movies and let hubby sleep in....

Basically did nothing today because of being sore and angry at how I could get back in to this situation with my back again... there goes all the hard work.. I am still angry about it...

Going to bed now.. :-(

Just wanted to wish Leenie a really smooth operation tomorrow and will be thinking of her and missing her updates. This is the last day of her old life and now on to her new sexy one ... Woohoo you! Love CM



WeeeSplat said...

Holy crap woman, your back!!! How long til you get back on your feet (as such)?

Rachel said...

Oh sweetie I cringed when I read about your back going again....ouch!

How is it today?

Luck you had the party organised before it went out aye?

Have you got some good drugs to keep the pain away?

Thinking of you mate.