Saturday, 22 September 2007

Mt Maunganui

We got up early and went out to sort Corbin's glasses (yes Helena woohoo we got most of it on insurance OMG what a relief as the Optometrist told us to beforehand and we were waiting back for their reply... thank you though because if they didn't tell us I am glad someone was looking after us he he mwahh). Anyway so we went there to give them the quote number and see how much we would have to contribute to it...

So that being sorted... we took off for Mt Maunganui with mum, the boys and us... got to Cambridge and Quinn was looking pale and in pain so we thought he was constipated so stopped at the super loo's but he went in there but couldn't do anything and then got really quiet.... and was scaring me a little bit (as Quinn is never quiet and always talking ALWAYS) so we stopped at this one gas station place on the way to Mt Maunganui.

We were going to get him something to eat but then he went all pale on us and got us worried. We said to him he needed to go to the loo and so we went to the back of the gas station and sat him on the loo... Corbin and I left Jeremy with him in the loo and I went back out to talk to the lady in the shop out the front... she overheard us and was really caring and I was asking her how much the Auto magazine was (as Quinn loves cars and I wanted to distract him) she said hold on a bit... and she went to the back and got us two auto magazines for Quinn to have on the trip.

We were there about 20 minutes and Quinn must of been constipated because when he came out he was smiling and the lady was happy that everything was good.... and sooooo were we that is for sure.. it was scary and I know when you read this it doesn't sound like much but he was so pale that I was wondering if it was a appendicitis wohooo it wasn't.

We took off for The Mount and stopped to let off Mum at Bayfair Shopping Centre and went in to K Mart with her as there was a sale on. I brought some baskets for my crafts and we got Corbin a swing ball soccer set sooo cool (for xmas). Mum brought a car set for Quinn for Xmas and she got Jeremy and I Kickboxing gloves for our anniversary... We were so happy with that as we would like to do some exercise at home and show the kids that exercise is great. I love kickboxing it is so much fun. Glad we went in now he he he. Got some Xmas presents sorted and that is always a bonus.

Left mum there and we went to the beach. It was lovely and I got to take some photos and spent time with the family. There are some scrapbooking pages below for you to see... sooooo cool doing some pages again I have missed that.

The boys had so much fun and they jumped right in to the water and loved the waves and I was bloody cold just thinking about it we just couldn't keep them out. Their shorts were soaking wet and I just stood there thinking oh well what can I do. We walked for about an hour and a half down the beach and back and my calf muscles are sore now. The day wasn't beautiful but it was a good enough day and better than staying home.

Corbin found a stick and was having fun writing things so Quinn decided he would find one too but the thing was twice the size of him he he he looked so cute (see below). He so loved this and it made a trail and said "now we can find our way back" (just like in Hansel and Gretal he he.

In the car on the way back Quinn said "I would like to thank you for today it was the best ever" and it was so cute. It was like we never went anywhere and this was his first time to the beach. So after being so cute we decided to take them to get icecream... what a lovely New Zealand thing.. beach and icecream.
Hubby decided to take some photos of me too.. ARGHHHH I am getting better with photos but still hate it but after doing a scrapbook page last night I am grateful for the fact that I have the photo to show me how far I have come. I know I am not skinny but I am no as big as I was before (see scrapbook page of me below with the lawnmower March 2005)
Corbin read his book on the way there and was concerned about his brother when he was sick and for all their argueing he does really care about Quinn a lot. I always thought he would hate the sea for some reason... he just wanted to jump in and swim today and it is only spring. His shorts were soaking wet once we had finished but he had the time of his life... didn't want to leave.
He is more subtle in the things he does and really thinks about things. Corbin also has to be coaxed in to having photos taken of him and I like this photo and wanted to do something different so I made it black and white and then put back colour in places that I wanted.. I love my son's red hair and it keeps getting darker and darker every year. I hope he doesn't lose the colour but both hubby and I had our hair colour exactly like that as kids and now we are no longer red heads (except for me from a bottle he he).



Felicity said...

more lovely family shots Mandy a gr8 day had by all beach and icecream go together

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Sounds as if a fab day was had by all :-)

I love the photos too! You all look so happy and relaxed.

Quinn and his HUGE stick look soooo cute, haha. That's definitely one for the scrapbook ;-)

I hope the rest of your weekend will be a great one!


Helena said...

fantastic news about the insurance mate, god knows we pay enough for premiums! YOu guys take the BEST photos you always make everyone look fantastic ... of course ... obviously he subjects are photogenic in the first place eh? What an awesome family you are :)

Kate said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Your boys are just SO gorgeous, those cheeky grins :-)

Felicity said...

hey just realised (it was late when I read your blog last night) how far is Mt Maunganui from u guys I am going to Tauranga 30th Nov - 2 0r 3rd Dec if u arent to far maybe we could catch up. Mind u I'd have to get my bum into gear can't have u seeing me with the extra k's I have found these last few weeks

Givona said...

Lovely, lovely family pics - you're so creative with your scrap-booking!!
Have just done my first blog entry on my new blog - hope to get some pics up too

Anne said...

Just love the photos - you are looking fantastic!!!!!

Your little boys hair is exactly the some colour as Fynn's (our grandson) I love it too! Notice when out with him people always seem to look at him, he has a mass of curls too - cute:-)

Enjoy your meet up with Chris and family today!

just janene said...

Gorgeous photos of you and your family, and you are looking great!

Catch up with you tomorrow :)

Rachel said...

That is an excellent shot of you, it shows your inner funn-ness (yes I'm sure that is a word...LOL).

Loved reading about what you guys got up to.