Thursday, 13 September 2007

Too fast!!

It went too fast!!!

Today went too fast!!!

Walked the boys to school and did the spelling with the 5 year olds and before school started I started playing a game with about 4 kids called Chinese Whispers and the next time I looked the whole 25 kids were there playing he he he and the mothers asked if I wanted to look after their kids after school he he he he NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I enjoy not having the responsibility just like having fun.

After doing the spelling I went for a walk and got some sushi on the way home and then took mum out to get a present for Quinn for his 6th birthday in 2 weeks. She got him a go cart he he he and it was $150 but was marked down to $49 woohooooo so why not aye and the both boys would get the benefit out of it.

Got home and it was time to pick up the boys OMG did the time go fast or what.

Didn't do too much other than the chores and the homework with the kids... how boring is that.

I am feeling much happier with aiming for the 500 grams a week at the moment. I still have something to aim for but not feeling like it is overbearing.

Worked out that I could be at 111 by the end of the year and that suits me fine.... I would LOVE to lose more and if that happens woohooo but I want to be realistic for my track record and not be unrealistic and ruin it for me.

Brought myself some new short trackies for the gym and I also brought a singlet arghhhhh (not for the gym as I don't like my bingo wings he he he).

Going out in the weekend to buy myself some new sneakers and they are going to be running and walking sneakers because I am going to start slowly training to run. I have been enjoying the jogging (now and then that I do) and I really want to work out how I can do this. I am not sure how to start or what techniques or where but I think I have to try it out for my sake. The only problem I have is people watching me. I wasn't so bad when I was jogging at the park where I knew people weren't around so I might go there and do that too.

I applied for my leave yesterday and got approved. I have a week in October, 3 weeks in December and 2 weeks Jan/Feb woohoooo looking forward to it.



just janene said...

Go girl, running aye! that's so cool. Sounds like you had a great day - am very jealous, it sucks to be stuck in the office all day every day hehe

Anne said...

Pleased to hear you are feeling happier with your aims - you do sound happier! I love how you keep throwing new things in your life - onto running now! You really have made huge life changes and will get to where you want - keep up the great work!!!

Sue said...

Do you want me to email you the Couch to 5km training programme?

Lyn said...

Hey chick!!! :)

I really like your new goal of 500g a week! I think this might be the spark that gets you inspired. Sometimes when i'm too tough on myself I don't achieve the goals and give up. So much better to be doing lots of small losses that big loss, gain, big loss, gain. And like you say when you look ahead in time and think how much smaller you will be it doesn't matter that it comes of in small amounts.

Yay on the running ... I so miss being able to run... one day

Rachel said...

I'd love to be able to run *day dreaming* but I think my ankle just isn't up to it (major accident in 2000 and its never been the same) but the fitter I get the better it feels, so maybe one day *shrugs*.

6 weeks leave.....WOW how do you get to accummulate that much leave with 2 young kids???? Tell me your secret.
Are you going away at any time or just hanging out at home?

celtic_girl said...

Running, I am impressed.

500grams is a good goal to have.

Lee-Anne said...

6 weeks leave. I'm so jealous.

I like the way you're mixing every thing up and I agree with sue,, the couch to 5km is a fantastic start.