Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Weigh in 19 Sept 2007

Weigh in day at home today:

Loss: 300 grams

Current weight: 119.8 kgs

Total loss from WW: 34.9 kgs

Total loss from start: 40.2

I am totally happy with this result this week. I have been going to the gym and doing weights and I had a huge weekend with food but managed to lose weight so I am pleased. I wished it would have been the 500 grams that I aimed for but with alcohol, weight training, celebrations a loss is fantastic.

This week has been wonderful in the fact that I haven't been worried about the scales and I have not been obsessing about my food.

I am sooo glad to be back at the gym and went last night and the gym was SOOOO full that we had to wait for equipment and we don't usually have to wait... and with that many people I don't usually jog on the treadmill as I hate being watched but thought FUCK this he he he and I jogged but I walked for 5 minutes and then for the remainding 10 minutes I did 30 secs run 30 walk and OMG did I feel great. An ex Weight Watcher buddy of mine came up and said it is soooo great to see you running and you look amazing so I felt like on cloud nine.

My exercise for Tuesday night was

  • Treadmill 15 minutes (5 min walk, then 30 sec run, 30 sec walk for 10 more minutes woohoo)

  • Triceps

  • Biceps

  • Quads

  • Kickboxing with hubby, arms and legs

  • Lateral Pull downs

I felt on fire... and my shoes are HEAVEN... did I mention that before??? HEAVEN and I don't feel my feet and I want to run run run woohoooooo..... even the last pair that I brought didn't make me feel this good and I didn't have sore knees going up to our bedroom up the stairs last night which I usually did with my other sneakers..

Watched Biggest Loser UK last night and had a wonderful phone call in the middle of it and said to the person...GEESH ringing me in the middle of B.L he he he hope the person realised I was teasing and it was great to get the phone call... but in the ad's I phoned them back... thanks for caring!!!

So is anyone else watching the BL? I just get such a buzz from it and want them to do more and more and more of it... gives me such a boost and such inspiration.

Thank you for your comments re my friend.

My friend UPDATE:(if you don't want to read I understand... thought I would warn you beforehand).

I think I have solved a little of the problem and said to my friend that if he doesn't want have anything to do with her we will work things out.

So on Monday's when he takes her to dance class and also my friend has her son's star soccer so I said I would pick the daughter up from dance class which I can go for a walk for anyway and bring her back to my place. So that means that she doesn't have to have Monday's be a day that she is scared her Dad is going to pick her up and moan all the way to school. Last week he picked her up and made her get dressed in her outfit in the car in front of 2 of the boys that are now his new family. I think that was disgusting for a 9 year old girl to have happen when she kept telling him she didn't want to....

He has changed so much and it is scary.

He won't phone but txts all the time and won't give her the phone number for his place or email so she can't tell him when things are happening in the kids life but he told the daughter that her mother doesn't bother to tell her when things are happening.

I have seen the texts and she has tried to tell him about things and he won't answer her so why should she bother... it is all beyond me this childish behaviour.

So anyway he text last night to say he had a production on at school on Wednesday with his work mates and wanted them both to come... it would finish at 10.30... so my friend waited 2 hours before replying (woohooo her) and said no they couldn't come she txt back saying

"Is this a joke. You are unbelievable. You have refused to have B unless she stays at night and not taking her to dancing. But want to show off at school. Pretend to be good dad with your new family. 2 late for kids. Pick up A on Mon outside my work at 9. Don’t wish to text you again tonight. Am over it"

I was sooo proud of her because she usually lets him have what he wants so that the kids get to see their dad and this time she had the balls to say no... and I can just imagine there are going to be reprocussions as he hasn't signed off the lawyers yet and is still not paying the mortgages and she is having to pay that and is also not paying any child support and said to her if she causes any more trouble she is going to claim for the kids that is living with him so that she gets even less.

Janene I said the same thing to her last night... if he can't take them both then he doesn't get the son. But she said she phoned a counsellor and they said it wouldn't be fair to the other child and so she agreed... sorry I wouldn't have agreed at all. The father is in the wrong and he has to know that he can't play one child off on the other and both of them would be staying home.

The 9 yr old said that last time she was there she was asked if she wanted to go with her Dad to placemakers or with the slut the supermarket by the slut and then her Dad said No girls go with the slut and boys with him... so there again she was shot down by her Dad and had to go with the slut when she has only just known her for a couple of weeks.... what is up with him.

I told my friend I was putting this in my blog but not mentioning names because I needed to vent as well and she was ok about this so don't fear I am not writing this without permission but I am not using names.


tracy said...

Congratulations on the loss - fantastic.

As for the other, he is a dick and she is lucky she has you for a friend.

Anne said...

Well done on two counts:
- the loss - really fantastic!!!
- the gym - you sound like you really are loving it!!

celtic_girl said...

Woohoo on the loss and the gym work. I need to get my butt into gear and get back to the gym.

Sucky about your friend, that guy sounds like a real wanker and dosn't deserve children.

Helena said...

congrats on the loss babe, awesome! You are an amazing friend, good on you.

Chris H said...

Coming through Hamilton on Sunday mid day, enroute to Auckland... hope to catch up with you? Maybe Chartwell Square for lunch????

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Well done on the weight loss - that's great news!

Also, it sounds as if you are really enjoying your time spent at the gym.

Keep up the excellent work!


Lins x

WeeeSplat said...

Yay you, on track and the goal of stick people is in sight (no worries if I don't make sense, no sleep and no caffiene).

I am so happy your mate has stood up to him, she will feel better for it... but maybe get her to get a notebook and write down all texts, times, dates and content... just to cover her arse.

Rachel said...

Great loss sweets - excellent!

Lee-Anne said...

Yay for the loss and not obssessing.

Good on your friend for finally putting her foot down. If it was me I wouldn't let him see any of the kids. Quite frankly from what you've said I don't think it's a healthy environment and certainly one I wouldn't want my kids to be in. Maybe this will force some counselling and lead to custody arrangements.