Thursday, 6 September 2007

Day Twenty Three - L Challenge

First of all can you bloody believe that I am on Day 23? Not me!! I don't stick to things that much

Today was a walking day.... that is for sure!!!

Walked the boys to school and did the usual spelling with Quinn's class and then walked back home (making sure I went fast and got my heart rate up) and also because I had to be at my sister in law (to be) house to help her with her accounts.

Got in the car with my laptop and turned the key and NOTHING OMG NOTHING... Corbin had left the light on last night in the back of the car so I had no battery. Hubby came home from work jump started the car and off I went to my SIL to be's and got there and the car wouldn't start AGAIN so the brother in law put the charger on again and I got home and got in the garage and YES YOU GUESSED IT it wouldn't start so I walked the long way to my coffee shop as it was such a BEAUTIFUL day OMG it was nice to look at the birds flying and have the sun on me that wasn't burning me and walked for my coffee.

Decided I would have a muffin with my coffee but I couldn't even finish half of it... I have never ever done that because it was like I OMG I am paying for this I will eat it no matter what but today I left half of it... I couldn't eat it. I just couldn't put another bit of food in my mouth and it felt wonderful.

Then picked up the boys from school and walked home and got ready for when Lyn was coming...

She is here now on hubby's computer doing her update... how weird is that? I mean we are both on the computers not talking and watching Mcleods Daughters and tap tap tapping away... We had Couscous and Chicken Skewers and salad for dinner and my mum made a naughty lemon merangue pie and had a iece of that.

It is not often that you find a friend that can feel comfortable just to be in your company and you don't have to say a thing becasue it is not the point... I don't know how to explain it. Weird but good.

I have done 10,768 steps today so far. Happy with those steps. I wish I could do that every day but with the job I have it just doesn't happen.

Going out on Saturday night for my birthday with bloggers and with my friends and have to put in here for them that it is at 7pm at Sahara Tent on Victoria Street but will start dinner about 7.30 or so so that Lee-Anne and Col can get to us. It will be nice to chill with a couple of drinks before having dinner. I can't wait... going to be so much fun.

So don't know how my day tomorrow is going to be like. Got to go and get a battery tomorrow morning ARGHHHHHH more money to fork out.


Chris H said...

Woo hoo for a fantastic day, bummer about the car's battery. Hope you and Lynn had a lovely evening ... can picture you two tap tapping away on computers! lol

Anne said...

Hope you have a lovely, fun night out for your birthday dinner. Also hope you have a wonderful birthday:-)

tracy said...

Happy Birthday for Sunday. Have a great night on Saturday!!

Tania said...

Well done on all that walking! Hope you have a very happy birthday and a great night out.