Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Day Twenty One - Leenie Challenge

How amazing is that woman.

I couldn't wait any longer I had to text her to say "Hey" and she answered me back right away and and said "so how is your back?" I replied with OMG you just had a major op and you are worried about my back... don't worry about my back and she wrote back but I couldn't reply because I didn't have anymore money on my cellphone.

So I phoned from work he he he...

If you haven't guessed by now I am talking about Leenie... she sounded like she had just gotten out of the bath and all relaxed OMG she is amazing!!!

We talked about the same things that Rachel mentioned on her blog and that I am in awe of her and how could she be recovering so quickly and getting out before Thursday.

I would love to be able to do what she did but I am chicken and told her that and as usual she said "you can do it mate" but I don't think I could. I would probably have a heartattack with all the worry beforehand.

She is still my idol!!!

I am so glad all went well for her and her pain isn't as much as we all thought it would be.

Leenie you are amazing girl. I am glad that I found you accidentally when I was searching and I am glad to call you my friend... you were and are such an inspiration to me. I am even drinking more water every time I think of what she has been through because I know that if she can do what she has done then so can I.

Back at work today feeling better than I did yesterday but not 100% but I am determined that this week is going to be great!!!

Will update later... still at work so can't spend too much time on here.


The day at work was ok nothing much to write about .

Looking forward to Saturday night where bloggers and friends are getting together for my birthday dinner... going to be great fun. So far there are 13 people OMG OMG sooo cool.

I emailed Lee-Anne for Lyn's cellphone number and managed to get hold of Lyn to say that I was thinking of her and she said her sis is out of ICU so that is a good thing. Asked if she wanted to come for dinner on Thursday night and so she is going to come over and also she is coming on Saturday night for dinner at the restaurant...

Going to be so much fun. Wow lots of people and usually I don't do much on my birthday. I am so happy.

On a not so nice note... had to get some medicated shampoo today as Corbin has nits OMG I have NEVER Seen them before and was disgusted... and there was only 3 he he he but we got it early and Quinn didn't have any and neither do the rest of us but as you can imagine I have been itching like a bugger even though I don't have them. How weird huh. So I phoned his two best friends parents to warn them and one mum said OMG not again because she has just gotten rid of them from the house 2 months ago because she has mainly girls in the house.

Feeling much better with my back but decided that I was not going tonight to the gym and give it time to heal even more.




Rachel said...

Cool - you spoke to her as well, isn't she amazing!!!

Good luck for weigh in, read ya tomorrow :)

Anne said...

You are right - she never ceases to amaze me!

Pleased to hear you are feeling better:-)

M said...

Glad your back is feeling better CM. And yep, Helena is amazing :)

Chris H said...

Now I feel bad... I did not bounce back so quick from my tummy tuck/body lift surgery like Helena.... maybe I'm just a sook! And don't worry about Helena leaving the hospital too soon cos I have told her she isn't too, and last time we text'd she said she was staying till thursday. I am hoping to see her on Sunday!!! Woo hooo! And Rachel! roll on sunday. Hope your birthday party goes well and you have lots of lovely people around you. And finally, ewwwww to nits, I hate them little buggers!