Monday, 3 September 2007

Day Tweenty - L Challenge

Went to work at 7.30 and was there for about 5 minutes and then just felt weird and wrong and phoned my boss in Auckland and home and said I was going home.

Felt dizzy and so went home and hubby took the boys to school and I went up to bed until about 12.30 when hubby phoned to say if I wanted to see Corbin run in the cross country then I should get myself up... not that he was pushing me just that he couldn't go and one of us wanted to be there. (It is only about 2 minutes walk to the park by our house so it wasn't far away)

I went and watched and it was great because Corbin did well he wasn't at the start but he wasn't at the end he was like 25 from the front (of about 100 kids) it was really good to see.

One of the mums gave us a lift back home because she said I looked rather pale.

Went to school early and picked up Quinn from school and then came back and went to bed again and the kids watched Star Wars as I just couldn't be up... the kids loved it because they were snuggled in our king size bed and had their afternoon tea etc.

I decided today I wasn't going to weigh in till Wednesday and that is because I want to get better first and I am not worried about what the result is because I have tracked and today isn't the day I will weigh... I have been spending too much time worrying about my weight and with my health not doing good in the last couple of days I said to hubby that I wasn't going to worry about the weight until Wednesday.

Anyway going back to bed as I am still not feeling good


Kate said...

Really hope you are feeling better soon! Maybe you should see the doc?

just janene said...

I have to agree with Kate, maybe you should get yourself down to the Dr's tomorrow. Hope you are feeling better soon though. *hugs*

Chris H said...

Sorry you are not feeling well mate... as suggested maybe a visit to the Dr is in order.