Tuesday, 18 September 2007


Don't know what to write in here today...

The only reason I am writing is because Weeesplat said that I hadn't updated and I need to get my backside in order he he.

Still going through a lot with my friend and her kids and our ex friend and getting a horrible tummy everytime I think about it. I find that I am the sort of person that takes things to heart and that I feel it is happening to me. I just want to wallop our ex friend over the head with something heavy to make him come back to the nice guy we used to know. I don't think that is going to happen though.

Was going to go to the gym last night but thought NO I want some time with the kids and hubby and eat dinner altogether instead of them eating while we go to the gym and then we eat when we come back. It was that sort of night to veg and have fun with the kids.

When they went to bed I got going on Quinn's birthday invitations (will post a copy when I get home as it is on my laptop) and they looked cool. Took me three different times to come up with something that I like though. So he is excited about that.

I have felt so much more relaxed this week with my weight loss because I didn't feel like this overwelming pressure to do well.... I totttallly know that Leenie never wanted that to happen and she was being the loving, caring wonderful person that she is but I put unrealistic pressure on myself and this week I have not.

I think I will have a loss tomorrow.. be it 500 grams or not I am not sure but it won't be a gain. I have started back at the gym this week since having a fortnight off because of my back so I won't have lost that much because I am doing weights as well so the muscle thing isn't going to help but it will be a loss.

I have to say Janene thank you for the last couple of weeks being my email buddy and I yours... it has made me stick to my tracking and realise that I am sticking to my points and what will happen will happen. It gives me encouragement to stick to this knowing you are going to be watching everything that is going in to my mouth so I think twice about it. I needed that support and when I am down you bring me back up again... I hope I am doing the same for you.

It was supposed to be Quinn's cross country today but it is raining (Janene you better not have jinxed it he he) and so he isn't too happy about that as he was looking forward to it.

It is my long day at work today and it is driving me insane already... I am in this little office and only one window and I swear it is only just the size of a small small bathroom (no bath or shower he he he)...

I think too much in this office as my day drags a bit but it is sooo convenient because I can take the kids to school and pick them up and get paid for the time I am out doing it.... and the work isn't taxing at all. It is only 3 days a week at that.

I really would like to have a job that was more creative and something that I would love and fit in with the family but right now I am not too sure what that job is and if it would pay as much as I am getting now.

Going out to lunch today with a lady from work.... it will be great to get out of here.

Got another compliment today... well sort of.... he he he one of the older teachers (she is 72 wow) and she said that I am looking really great but need to get some smaller pants as they are too bloody baggy.. he he he I agree but to spend $50 on another pair of jeans right now is just not going to happen because once I get in to those then I am going to have to buy another because I am not going to stop losing the weight.

Hubby thinks that I am changing shape even though I am not losing a lot on the scales. I must agree I feel the same. The arms in some of my tops are getting a little too big that I am pulling up the shoulders as they are falling he he he slouchy bitch that I am.

Ok.. enough rambling for me.




WeeeSplat said...

MUCH better woman. hee hee... :P *blows raspberry*

M said...

I love the pink blog style CM, and the header is gorgeous. You really are creative :)

And just keep moving, keep tracking, and soon enough those baggy jeans will fall off you when you walk and you will have to get another pair LOL..

Have a great day :)

tracy said...

This thing with your ex friend is obviously preying on your mind. I can understand that you do not want to see him but maybe youcan write to him, tell him how you feel about what he has done, how it has affected his wife and more importantly his kids etc. Really lay it all down - you do not even have to send it, just getting it out of your system might help a bit.

Anne said...

You will be changing shrinking and changing shape as you build muscle! Well done on the baggy jeans:-)

Helena said...

arghhhhhhhh @ baggy jeans ... ah well a small price to pay for getting a healthy bod mate :D

just janene said...

Baggy baggy pants hehehe can't you go to a 2nd hand shop and pick up a cheap pair to do in the meantime, or even the warehouse or KMart??

Don't worry CM, you're boosting my weight loss efforts no end! It's definately a two way street :)