Monday, 24 September 2007

Caravan of love



Got all dressed up and went to my work for Black and White appointments and the boys looked sooo cute all dressed up with their hair spiked. Can't wait to see the photos. Corbin was playing silly buggers as he hates to smile when told to smile.. GEESH 8 year olds..

Then did our grocery shopping and came back and we were out at a friends place for a BBQ... it was a good afternoon but the couple that we went to see had had an argument the night before so my friend was really snappy with her other half... it was quite awkward actually.

ChrisH texted to have coffee while she was in Hamilton and I had said yes and forgotten about the fact that we had booked the BBQ in the week beforehand so I had to say no I couldn't make it but could we see her on the way back (I hope we do). Was going to see if my friend minded I ducked out but the mood she was in I didn't want to do that as I don't think she should have been left with hubby or she would have killed him.. he he he makes me appreciate my hubby so so so much more when things like that happen.

Feeling quite bloated today... got me monthly ho hum and everything is bloated and swollen.. I hate monthly's and can't wait till menopause I know I know not all rosy but OMG anything to not have a monthly sometimes. he he he

Jeremy and I have been discussing buying his Dad caravan off them because they have brought a house bus and are going to live in it when they retire... so he phoned his Dad last night to say we are still thinking about it and if it cannot fit on the side of our house then we probably won't be able to buy it as we don't have anywhere to store it ho hum and can't afford to pay for the caravan and also pay for storage... so anyway we have never towed a caravan before either so we are taking it away camping on Labour Weekend so that should be cool. We were going to go tenting but decided we would take the caravan and see how easy it was and if we would use it... so Athenree here we come. Might have to catch up with my LOVELY friend Lyn while we are there he he he and do lots of reading and relaxing and walking along the beach OH THE LIFE...

I would love to have a caravan it has been a dream of mine since I was little to have a family and go camping. Plus we wouldn't have to borrow a trailor (like we usually do) to go camping and also take all the stuff along too. This way we would have it all in the caravan and we could fit the bikes in the caravan too and go go biking while we are away places. It will be great for us that is for sure.

So the trial is for Labour weekend. How exciting.. .I love going away with my family and Athenree is not that far away for a weekend.

It is only costing us $156 for 3 nights for all of us and it includes the hot pools there too. I thought that was reasonable really for a weekend away.. If we had to go to a Motel it would be like $120 a night... not bad not bad at all.

Said to Jeremy that I would like to do it more often if we had the caravan like once a month go for a trip somewhere and save our pennies to do that. Hmmm we shall see.

Anyway love ya all



M said...

The holiday sounds fabulous and the perfect place and time to take the family away from all the other hassles of friends etc.

Your scrapbook pages below are AMAZING.

Have a smiley, sparkley week CM :)

Anne said...

Have fun Labour weekend. We used to have a camper van - (fold up and out one) had so many holidays with the kids when they were growing up which we all loved. Enjoy:-)

Lyn said...

I would really really love to catch up that weekend while youre here ... just one note ... I go in for surgery (for ankle) the Thursday before Labour weekend so won't be able to come to you. Not sure how mobile I will be, but please don't let that stop you coming to see me. I'll be at home ... I will so need a visitor by then!!! Will give me something to look forward to!

And re: your comment ... Yes they found the guy on Sunday morning washed up on the beach. Wasn't sure whether to mention that on my blog or not, noticed it was getting pretty morbid.

Oops better go update about my surgery dates, only just found out on Thursday last week ... finally!!! I can't actually remember if I said that on my blog or not?? shheesh I'm blonde today ... cannot think for the life of me.

Too Fat To Fly... said...

I bet you'll all have a fun Labour Weekend :-)

As fot caravans' - I love them. Always have done! Actually, I could quite happily live in one full time, haha.

As for ChrisH, I really hope that the two of you get the opportunity to meet-up. You'll have to let us know whether Chris is as mad as she appears, LOL...

All the best to you!