Sunday, 19 August 2007

Day Six - L Challenge

Didn't want to get out of bed today... arghhhh but the weather was fantastic.

Went shopping for my friends birthday present today.. Went to Freedom Furniture and got these lovely perfume bottles. One had a cord thingy on it and you can pump the perfume on you and the other one was a little one to match that had a little class stick from it (they were both crystal) I so wanted it myself he he he so I put it on my birthday list.. hmmm we shall see don't think the hubby heard he he he.

Got back and phoned Tania to say Happy Birthday so I could come over and give her present... and she snapped at me on the phone... I was a little annoyed and got off the phone saying to J that I was sort of pissed off... but hey it is her birthday and I suppose I will let it be since it is her birthday (she phoned later that night and apologised for her abruptness as they were late for a lunch date with her family and her grandmother was late) I can understand her being upset but I felt horrible for most of the day thinking OMG.... oh well.

Came back and made lunch and took the boys on a bike ride to have a picnic. We went for a 8km bike ride and OMG it is getting harder because the boys are getting faster.

BUTTTTT.... half way around I fell off my bike when I tried to stop (I had the lunch in the basket at the front with drinks and all) and right in front of a lot of bloody traffic and I couldn't stop shaking, scraped my ankles and I think I twisted my upper thigh so now when I try to move one leg apart from the other I am in pain... oh well... think I pulled a muscle.

When we got back I took the present over to Tania's but she wasn't there so I left it with the neighbour (who is a good friend of hers)

Tania phoned later on to say she was sorry for being short with me on the phone this morning.

Hubby mowed the lawns and kids and I vacuumed our bedroom upstairs and dusted and then upstairs was done woohooo.

Was a pretty nice Sunday (apart from falling over and being sore now).

Tomorrow is weigh day.. I am a little scared because yesterday was a great result but I know from experience that the scales LIE LIE and so tomorrow it might prove me wrong he he he.


just janene said...

Owwwww, you poor thing, falling off your bike! Hopefully you'll be okay in a couple of days. Good luck with weigh in tomorrow :)

Abba said...

The scales do have a "weigh" of lying to us don't they?

Wanna_B_slim said...

Well done lovely lady... thats a fantastic loss for the week...
Keep it up and you will whizz thru it...