Friday, 13 April 2007


Got up at 8.30am as I was still feeling ikky with the painkillers and I think it drys me out too as I had a splitting headache but I got up and went to the gym by 9am to meet with Joy.

I wasn't allowed to do a lot by what the physio said but hey I wanted to get some exercise. (P.S I know that I could go and do swimming or aqua or something and would love to but even putting undies on is hard and have to have hubby to help so going swimming would be harder getting the togs on and off without pulling a muscle... as it is the bending that is getting me).

Anyway so I went to my PT and Joy had me on the treadmill but I think I wasn't warmed up enough for it as it was hurting a little. So she got me on the water bike with my arms for 10 minutes and that was good as I didn't feel like it was hurting and when she was chatting to me at the same time I sort of forgot that I was sore it was wonderful. After that we went and did some weights with my legs and that was fantastic as I could use my legs without it hurting my back and my calf muscle was a little tight but we stretched them and things were on a roll.

I didn't feel like I was sweating like I usually do but at least I was doing something.

It was Joy's last day at the gym (but she wasn't telling them until 5pm that she wasn't coming back) so she was pretty nervous about it all but she was also excited as she has been getting her garage all set up with gym stuff. I am looking forward to it but then scared too because I know the gym so well and feel comfortable there.

Came home got a shower ready for hubby to come home at 12 so that we could all go out for lunch and then the movies for school holidays.

We went to have lunch in town.. I had chicken kebab, the boys had subway and hubby had chinese... I reckon I chose wisely and it was yummy too.

The movie we went to see was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it was ok but Quinn was being a right little nightmare and couldn't keep still. I have totally different children... Corbin is easy going and can sit and watch a movie or read a book and generally keep still where as Quinn has like HUGE termites in his pants and cannot keep still longer than 5 minutes and he drives me insane with that... he has to constantly have someone playing with him or talking to him and it drives me insane because you could play with him all day and he still won't let you have 5 minutes peace.

The movie was good but I wouldn't take Quinn again as it went over his head.

While we were out mum cooked a nice roast beef meal for us and we had that while she was at bingo.... it was a nice night when the boys went to bed as hubby and I read books and basically just chilled. I have so many books and magazines that I need to catch up with that it was nice just to chill.

I think I am back on track again???? I really do want to lose this weight but with not exercising I just haven't been able to get my head around how I do it and still enjoy my food...

Food today:

Breakfast: 2 Sandwich Bread toasted, Jam
Lunch: Chicken Kebab and Falafel, V
Dinner: Roast Beef, Kumera, Carrot, Pumpkin, Peas


Lyn said...

I have one of those 'can't sit still' kids too, very frustrating at times :)

I so hope your back gets better soon, I feel your frustration!

And thankyou so much for your supportive comment on my blog. Gave me a huge smile! Knowing others can see me achieve my goals makes me more determined to do it too :)

Thanks chickey!!!

fitcat said...

Chicken kebabs are yummy!

I'm so glad to hear that your business is taking off too. XD

M said...

I am in!! Thanks for that CM - or should I start calling you FM (Foxy Mum) now - you are looking so great in your photos!!!

It's great that you are shaking things up and thinking about what is making your bored and preparing yourself to do something different. This is the sort of attitude that is going to keep you motivated and get that weight shifting down again.

Good luck with your challenge. It is always a good thing to have a focus and to keep yourself pushed to reaching the milestones.. You can do it :)

Have a great weekend and I will be popping in to say hi from time to time. I am still not blogging fully yet but slowly getting there..

M xx

Chris H said...

Griffin is like Quinn, only stays still if the movie is riveting! Good food choice too, clever lady. Enjoy your weekend, I am!

Name: Lynise said...

hi ya,
I hope your injuries mend themselves ultra quick. I'm feeling down right miserable at the moment and it certainly isn't any fun to not feel 100%.
What a goose I was, saying that there were changes with the Hamilton house, then forgetting to write about it. (brain on a go slow). Anyway, the thing with the house I like is this, the owners have finished their contract time with lodge and have now listed their home as a private sale. (I never saw it through an agent, I only saw it when driving down the street to drop some pots off at a friend of my mothers) Had a good look at the BIG agents sign board outside (showing all the pic's) and decided it looked like something I would be interested in. I have now approached the owner about buying directly off them, and the great news is that they have dropped the price by $15,000 as they won't have to pay commission. They are still 'a little negotiable' on the price (whatever that means). I discussed with them how quickly they would want to sell and they are happy to stay until September as long as they know they have a sale. I would want a building inspection (to avoid buying a leaky home) but am really keen to make an offer. I would love to post some pic's but thought I had better not as its still someone elses home and it might all fall over.