Thursday, 19 April 2007


First day of 10 week challenge....
I haven't done too bad and I am feeling good about it and I am soooo greatfull that Celtic girl and I are doing it together and do you want to know the MOST WEIRDEST THING EVER... we both weighed in for the challenge and we both have a start weight of 121.6 he he he DO YOU NOT FIND THAT THE WEIRDEST THING EVERRRRRR??? Woohooo Celtic girl we are going to do it!!!

I must say that I had a tear in my eye reading Celtic Girls blog here today re the awards and what she wrote about me... I never knew I was one of the first blogs she ever read and OMG how she described me Nahhhh he he he I can't be that person.. I don't see myself as that person he he he... WOW (tear coming down my cheek)

Welcome Abba and I am sooo glad you are doing the 10 week challenge with Celtic girl and I... maybe us three should get our heads together on how we can keep each other motivated aye!!

Work was ok yesterday... it seemed more relaxed or something and I had plenty of time left to do little bits and pieces.

Went to the garden centre in the afternoon after work to see if they had any swamp plants because my mother in law gave us 2 caterpillars and a little branch of swamp plant but they had eaten it all and she didn't have more.... but they didn't have any and the boys had pocket money of $2 and they wanted to spend spend spend so I suppose it was better than spending it on lollies and they both brought a punnet of flowers each he he he cute aye.

After we saw Tania driving down the road so I texted her to see if she had an swamp plant and OMG she did so she gave me the whole tree as her caterpillars were getting eaten by praying mantis grrr so I took the plant and put our two caterpillars on it and now they are living happily ever after he he he can't wait till they go into a chrysllis.

Tania phoned me at work and said "are you doing anything on the 22nd July?" I said "ummmm No I don't think so" and she said "good I hope you have $250 as well" OMG I took a breath and said "What the hell for?".

She said "I have booked you and me in for the Wedding expo and we are going to share a stall" OMG OMG OMG that is when I freaked and said "I don't know if I can do that" she said "well too bad!!!"

I think I am too scared to do it!
I know I can do the invites just that it is like being judged and what if no one books me or wants to visit me?
Also how do I do a stall with my invites (or half a stall?)
How do I present my stuff and how do I present the stall???
OMG only 13 weeks until I have to have prices and sets of Wedding stuff.

So I called my friend that has just finished her studies in accounting and she came over last night and we went through all the stuff about GST and if it was worth registering for GST etc but really in the long run until I earn $40,000 or over it isn't worth it just yet. But she has shown me ways to claim for things and to do my tax returns.

So I went this morning and got a business bank account and a business manager that will help me with anything I need.

I got a record book for my mileage and a Calendar for my wall.

I felt empowered and sooooo happy that finally I think this is going to BE THE RIGHT thing for me and this is the business I am going to succeed in and if it takes years I don't care because it is something creative and I am happy doing it.

So I have worked out a 13 week plan to get things done for the Wedding Expo woohooooo, and I have to keep to it so I can get this right. I am a Virgo can anyone tell he he he?

I weighed myself again this morning (ok I am not addicted just wanting to keep myself on track) and I weighed at home at 121.1 kilos (equivelant to WW 120.3 kilos) woohooooo. Now I have to just keep going down in the right direction because I don't want to go back to feeling bad about myself.

Took the boys to a 2 hour holiday program at the gym this morning so that I could go and get all my stuff done like business bank account and stuff and they just enjoy it and it doesn't cost me anything because hubby and I are members so 2 hours a week in the holiday's is fanbloodytastic.

Last night when my friend Denise came over to talk about GST we asked her for dinner and the boys were on their best behaviour and then didn't have to be asked and they got their showers (remembering that they are 5 and 7 years old) and they cleaned their teeth and cleared the table and set the table and went to bed and read their books before lights out and they didn't disturb us by getting out of the bed OMG I was soooo proud of them (and was wondering where my boys were he he he)

So this morning hubby and I said to the boys that we were really happy with how wonderful they were last night and how they made us proud and I treated them today. Ice Age 2 was on sale for $19 so I went and brought that and brought a cake mix so that they could cook a cake and have for afternoon tea and watch the DVD... (which is what they are doing now while I update my blog he he he).

Kris phoned me while I was on my computer yesterday and OMG she talked for 45 minutes on the phone and I just said ah yes ah and by the end of it OMG what was I thinking why didn't I just say piss off? Whooppeee she has gotten her life together and worked out this and that... well if she would have listened to her friends a year ago then there wouldn't be a problem.... yep yep yep finally over her... yep yep yep sad sad sad person.

Love ya

Today's Food:

Breakfast: English Muffin, Chicken Bacon, Egg
Lunch: English Muffin, Chicken Bacon
(hmmmm just wanted another one for lunch sue me he he)
Dinner: Corned beef, Potatoe, Carrot, Cauliflour, String Beans
Snack: 5 Marshmellows

Exercise: Walked 40 minutes with boys around the block


Yesterday's Food:

Breakfast: 2 Sandwich Bread, Chicken

Lunch: Vogel Bread, Chicken, Pickle, Lettuce
Dinner: Chicken Tikka (homemade), Rice, Beans
Snack: Chocolate Brownie, V (went out for morning tea and this is my one treat this week).
I am going to let myself have one treat a week as I need to have a treat.
Exercise: Walked 40 minutes with boys around the block


Whoever I want to be said...

You can do it for the wedding expo - how exciting now that it is all coming together.

Cheers Jaxx

Name: Lynise said...

wooo hooo,,, you can SOOOOOO do the wedding expo. Your products are FANTASTIC, and you have a passion for what your doing so theres no reason in the world why you shouldn't take it to the next level and show them off to all the 'would be' brides.
Gosh, if you don't do it I will be down to Hamilton so fast to drag you there myself. Have confidence in your abilities because your invites are just gorgeous and if all of us can see that, then others certainly will as well.
Mandy, pleaseeeeee don't undervalue your talent and abilities, you CAN do this.
Also thank you so much for the lovely words you wrote about me yesterday. I have a bit of a confession to make regarding passing the award along. Ummmm, don't really read many blogs (would love to read more, but don't have the time) and other then you, Chris H, Janene, Lyn, Jo, Jules, Jaxx and a couple of Ozzy blogs I don't know anyone else. Gosh I knew I should have gone and checked out some of the other blogs people are reading.

tracy said...

What is the email address for papaya, there is another blogger who is getting married so I thought I would give her your email address for her invites.

Anne said...

That is so exciting working towards the expo - wishing you the very best of luck! I know you will do well. Would love to see your work - but our daughters are all married off.

What a coincidence starting at the same weight as Celtic girl.

Hey - I'm a Virgo too!

Chris H said...

I hope you are feeling good about doing the wedding expo! It's almost like you got railroaded into it... how do you feel? I am sure you can do it.... just don't want you to be stressed.

celtic_girl said...

Mandy, after losing over 33 kg I think the expo will be a breeze for you. Have faith in yourself, your've got an excellent product and a willingness to achieve - sounds like a winner to me.

By the way - I'm a virgo as well.(do do do do - hums the twilight zone theme)

Wanna_B_slim said...

ok ladies... you two are freaking me out.. both virgos.. same start weight..
But hey..well done on the loss already!!
And this expo could be just what you need to get this wedding invitation thing off the ground!!

Jules said...

Oh, I am so damn excited for you!! Some people are just so creative and I take my hat off to you for taking the leap!! Yay!! Yay!! Yay!!

Karen and Rachel said...

Wooohooo! You can do the stall at the Expo! That is so exciting and I just know you will get lots of business from it! Have confidence in yourself and you will do so well! Don underestimate yourself hun! You are talented and a wonderful lady!
Have a great weekend xx

Rachel said...

You are going to get soooooo much work out of the Expo for two reasons.

1. You (ie Papaya) is awesome and you are very talented and people will recognise this.

2. You are a fun, happy, fantastic person and you will draw people to you with your lovely personality and THEN they won't be able to get over how talented you are.

I am SO confident you can do this!

I wasn't able to comment the other day but YOU ROCK! on that 2.1kg loss. How friggin fantastic did THAT feel.
The 10 weeks challenge sounds good, can't wait to see how you girls do. GOOD LUCK

celtic_girl said...

I'm the 2nd and hubby's the 7th.

Abba said...

I weighed in at 270 lbs. or 122.58 kilos. Ugh! But, that is okay. We can do this!!!