Monday, 23 April 2007


Just venting ok... not that I feel I can't do this...

Feeling quite pressured today... I think I am getting more and more nervous about the wedding expo. I want it to be done right and sometimes I can be such a perfectionist that I give up when I feel like I couldn't do it the way I have envisioned it... ya know?
I have to do so much before it as I am not willing to go into the expo and it not be perfect.. but where to start? I mean I have never had a stall.. so I have to organise the following and more:
  1. a banner to say what I am trying to sell etc
  2. I am going to get some orange material from somewhere as I want my colours to be up there and looking good. (my colours are orange black and white).
  3. I am doing some labels on some bottles so that the bottles put a bit of depth into the stall because I have flat invites come on how exciting can you make them.
  4. I have been checking out where to get t-shirts printed for me and hubby so that I have the logo and website on them.
  5. My friend has the flower shop so she will have flowers on her side.
  6. I am going to do a scrapbook on my invites for people to look at and I have to also try and put up some on the walls etc so that people can see the different ways to do their invites.

I am not too sure what else to do or how to display them... so if there are any suggestions out there feel free to help me out he he he

I just want it to be right and it to attract people to have me do their invitations.

Felt really hungry today... I just wanted to eat eat eat.

It was Quinn's first soccer practice today... he was sooo cute in his little outfit. The shorts are way too big because they are the smallest you can get and they were still too big he he my little monkey.

He didn't want to participate that much at the start today because he didn't know any of the kids. After about 15 minutes he was fully in to it and when they had a game he went for the ball and he tried sooo hard... I was sooooo proud of him. Quinn went all out it was fantastic.

I thought I would put some photos on here to show you how cute my little man is (he is only 5). His first game is on Saturday and it is going to be really interesting to watch.

It is interesting how kids think... there was one boy (and his mum said he is an only child and getting him in to soccer is a way to teach him to be a team player) and then just as she said that... they split the team up to play against each other and this boy got REALLY angry when the other team player boy got a goal... he went at him like an animal and tried to scratch him OMG it was the weirdest thing and the funny thing was that the boy that got the goal was a really shy boy and got really upset at being chased around like he was a nasty vermon...

All us parents couldn't believe what we were seeing. The shy boy came running to his mum and the mum that had the child being mean was telling him off and telling him he was in trouble and that he had to apologise (but the little boy wasn't going to) in the end I got them both together to tell them that they were really on the same team etc.. the shy boy didn't want to talk (not suprising actually) but in the end they played at the playground together and it seemed better...

Quite freaky really... I couldn't believe my eyes and I was PROUD that my son was playing well and playing fair... sooooo Proud!!!

Ok... I will go now.

I have my weigh in tomorrow but I don't know if I want to weigh in or not. My WW leaders are away this week and when they get a replacement for them it just isn't the same and it sucks really. ;-(


Weetbix, Milk and Fejoas
Lunch: 1 potatoe cut in half and stuffed with tuna and onion (stuffed potatoes)
Dinner: Steak, mashed potatoe, carrots, brussel sprouts
Snack: V
Water: 2 Bottles


Whoever I want to be said... That is where I get the tourettes t shirts done. It is American but the T's are awesome quality and no set up fees. Delivery quick too..... I have ordered quite a bit form them and never had any problems.

Chris H said...

Awww ain't Quinn so cute? I can remember Steve and Mike in their first soccer games... they all run around the field like little sheep, following each other, so funny! Hope you have a great day, and yep, I know what it's like having a replacement WW leader, they usually suck.

celtic_girl said...

Take a deep breath there, you'll get through it all, Iknow you will.

Can't wait for our first weigh in tomorrow - wooohooo!

Name: Lynise said...

hi ya,
Just logged on to post on my blog and see you've left me a lovely comment. (thank you for the lovely words of support).
I am so pleased you are stepping out and doing something proactive towards establishing your invite business. I had a really neat conversation with a guy today that really got me thinking about the big picture of life. I know its said a lot, but lifes too short not to be living the life we want for ourselves.

Rachel said...

Quinn looks gorgeous, Reece has his first game on Saturday also (but no training thankfully) so I will be there will the camera.

I can just see you freaking out about the expo. It doesn't matter how organised you are, you will never think your ready but you WILL BE! The product will speak for itself and you will be a success even if you were sitting in front of a white wall with a lab coat on........LOL

Knock em dead sweets!

Lyn said...

Arrrrggghhh Girlfriend!!!! We should be living closer!! I totally understand your stress re: expo but don't stress, it will come together.

Some tips for ya (from when i did the Bride and Groom expo) ...

1. Keep it simple! Make your cards the center of attention, nothing else!

2. Material is good. I went to a bargain material place and went to the counter and offered a price for the whole roll. Use chifon type stuff.

3. This is how I displayed my cards as an idea ... I went to a timber place and purchased 'skirting board', you know the fancy stuff then got it cut at 45 degree angles and made huge frames which I spraypainted and stuck backing board (black) then I framed a set of invites in a frame (no glass so clients and tutu) and had 3 or 4 frames of invite sets. Behind the frames I draped the material from frame to frame to give interest to the wall. Then I had my album with all my sets on an easle with a little coffetable with b/cards/brochures on and a little bunch of flowers. And that was it... simple, no clutter.

Feel free to take any of these ideas for your stuff. Email me if you have any questions. Oh and don't worry bout competitions, people just fill in the forms to win, doesn't make them order.

Lyn said...

ohhhh and lighting!! I forgot to mention lighting. Make sure you have spotlights included on your stall. If they aren't included, hire some.. makes a huge difference!!!