Monday, 16 April 2007

Monday - Thinking a lot

I have been thinking a lot this weekend and reading more weight loss stuff so that I can get my motivation back up and running.

I so want Helena's book and I am going to save up to get it because I need the lots of motivation.

So anyway my 10 week challenge is now me and
Celtic Girl woohoooo I am not alone doing this and I think that motivates me more because I have to be accountable now.

As you all know I gained like 2 kilos (unofficially over Easter OMG ) My homes scales last week said 124.4 OMG I was sooo upset with that.. and so I set myself this challenge to get my new wardrobe in 10 weeks and this morning I weighed myself and I DRUM ROLL PLEASE... 121.7 OMG that is soooooooo fantastic. I have watched what I ate and just ate when I wanted to and not that I have to have this and that and snacks etc... it has been better with food.

I suppose in a way having a sore back I wasn't concentrating on food all the time and wanting wanting wanting food so that made a huge difference.

My rings are starting to annoy me too... so maybe I was holding a lot of water or something because now I think I might have to go and get my rings taken in... for fear that they are going to fall off... grrrr more money.

My old boss Nikki came in to work this morning and I told her about Papaya and she is going to get me to do her Dad's 60th birthday invites and she also wants me to do her invites for her 10th Anniversary with her other half for next year so I have two more to do OMG I think I can do this!

I brought The New Zealand Bride magazine too and once I have done a couple of jobs on Papaya and got the website up and running then I am going to put an advertisement in the magazine to get more work because I think I am going to do this... I think it is going to work. It might get to the stage that I hire someone to help me do them he he he now I am getting ahead of myself aye.

Anne for your advice... I am meeting with a friend this week as she is an accountant and seeing what we she suggests.

Leenie I had looked at the website before I wrote my post yesterday but I wanted it to be a little more indept because I didn't know what to choose for a couple of things as I have never set up a business etc and if I make the wrong choice re invoicing etc then I have to apply to change and I want to get it right the first time.

Got a compliment from a girl at work today asking if I had lost weight as I am looking fantastic and she wanted to tell me last week (now this girl doesn't say boo to me at work she is really quiet). I felt fantastic. I think I need those compliments to keep me going sometimes (just like
Anne had mentioned a couple of posts ago and when it stops then you wonder if what you are doing is noticeable.)

I have my appointment with my physio tonight so I hope it goes just as well as last week as my back has been better since then.. not 100% but much better.

Today's Food:

Breakfast: 3 Weetbix and 2 Vogel
(decided to put more food into my breakfast and see how it goes this week)
Lunch: Left over casserole
Dinner: 4 Burgen Bread, snitzel, tomato, lettuce
Water: 2 Bottles Water
Too much bread today.. at least it was Burgen etc but still no excuse.


Lyn said...

Sounds like you're up and pumping again!! Yay!!

Doncha love those compliments when people actually notice your hard work without being prompted??

Sounds like the business front is up and getting off the ground too.

Now we just need your back to come right 100% and we'll be rockin!!

Anne said...

Compliments do give you a buzz.

Pleased to hear your back is getting better.

celtic_girl said...

WOOOOHOOO on the loss, you are right WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Tina said...

Hiya, thanks for the invite to your blog and congrats on your weightloss so far! Looking forward to reading your updates and sharing our weightloss successes. Would love to know more about this business of yours. I only read the last couple of posts. Take care!