Sunday, 1 April 2007


Got up late this morning as I didn't go to sleep till late as I was in a lot of pain with my calf muscle last night. OMG I haven't had that much pain ever! But last night was really bad.

Got up and did a spring clean of our bedroom and ensuite and then the kids came up to annoy us and ended up helping us it was great to have them help and not moan he he he.

We then went down and had breakfast and we all went for a bike ride. I was in a little bit of pain getting on the bike but it was better than going for a walk because on a bike you can glide in parts... so I got a little bit of exercise woohooo as it has been a week with no exercise and I was hanging out for it.

When we went to the shops we go a fruju iceblock each and an old friend of ours saw us sitting on the bench and came over to chat. It was good catching up with her (she is the reason hubby and I got together 18 years ago) so it brought back some memories and we don't live that far from each other so we will have to catch up again. She goes mountain biking with her family and she isn't a skinny thing either so we might join them as a family one day it would be great.

Tania came over after lunch and we went food shopping for our camping trip Easter at Bowentown. I can't wait it is going to be great there are three families going and all with kids the same age so woohoo for us. I brought a magazine and taking a book and my cross stitch and then I am sorted for the weekend he he.

Went to Tania's for dinner tonight.. hmmm nice pork roast yummmy. It was a relaxing night. Her hubby wasn't there but sometimes that is a good thing as he makes it a little tense and I don't think he is a very sociable person usually. Tania, hubby and I had a good time.

Anyway going to go and make a camping list argghhhh so many things to do in so little time he he he. Beach here we come.

Love ya all


Chris H said...

I have been camping at Bowentown once... like when I was 18! Think that was the last time I went camping, it just ain't our thing. Hope you have a wonderful time... hope the calf muscle has eased up.

Lyn said...

OMG you're camping at Bowentown??? That's like 2mins drive from me. you better pop in and say hi while youre here. I'm sure you remember which shop is ours, if not, email me. I'll be working most of easter weekend. If I'm not behind the counter ask, I might be out back.

Hope the weather holds out for you

Anne said...

My sister and her family and a group of her friends go there every year from Boxing Day on, have done for years. One of the lanes is named in honour of my sister's husband who passed away suddenly just over 5 years ago.

Lyn said...

wow what a small world we all live in!!

BTW - don't be nervous!! I'm not that scary ... hehehehhehhh (bursts into an evil laugh)