Saturday, 31 March 2007

What a day and it is only 1.30 in the avo

What a day already....

It is only 1.30 and I have had a full on morning.

Got up early and met Debbie at the storage units to help her move to her new house that she brought.... I couldn't lift anything but hubby could but I did unpack the kitchen so I felt useful and I got EXERCISE wohhooooo how frustrating to not be able to bend and walk and do normal things. I dropped a blanket and I couldn't even pick it up because bending with a sore calf, hamstring and back is impossible grrrr.

I was sweating like a pig though undoing boxes and putting dishes in the cupboards woohooo I found a way to exercise. I must admit though the standing was bad and sore but hey!!! I took a voltaren before going and had a V so I was happy. I am resting now but did do some shopping after helping Debbie.

I have my first wedding this year to do and so I went out to get the paper to do the invitations wohooooo. I am not making much on it but it is something and it is my business aye. I am quite proud of these invites because I designed them myself. I had another one in mind for her but she didn't want to go that way but it was different and I suppose I like different and out of the square.

OMG I want more weddings to do... going in to the stationery shops and buying paper and things was sooo much fun this morning. With the little extra I am making on this wedding I went and already spent it he he he only because I needed a way to display my invitations that I went and brought a lovely photo album that I can display them in.

I thought I might do it like a scrapbook so that they are presented well. I can't wait to have a go at doing it. I might take it camping next week and do it because with Tania there I am sure that she will be taking some form of craft with her. Or I might take my knitting he he he I am making a really nice autumn colour scarf for me (nice a fluffy) he he he.

I will take a photo of the album once I finish it.

OMG I can't believe my first wedding is happening. Even though this woman doesn't get married till October he he he.

I was thinking that I might get some sort of little present to put with the invitations when finished and paid for so that I tell the person how much I appreciate them using me for the wedding invite creator.... hmmmm so if anyone can think of any suggestions I would appreciate it. I was sort of going with something small like a little box with two heart chocolates in it all done up with ribbon or something. I don't want anything too big just a token of my appreciation ya know?

On the weight front I am not doing too bad... I have 1.2 (as mentioned soooo many times he he he) but with not doing exercise I am sooo hoping that I lose that this week I really really want to be at the 35 kilos and when I do hubby is going to do something romantic. I told him it didn't have to cost money but something nice for me and him to do etc on a date night. I mean I don't care if it is get a cooked chicken and go to the river ya know.

Anyway I am having my lunch now... will update later.

Love ya all


Chris H said...

WE often go on lovely picnic together, and we get a cooked chook, cheeses and buns and it is soooo lovely! As you say, it does not have to be a big deal, it is the company that matters. Have a bloody neat weekend.

Whoever I want to be said...

Just letting you know I am blogging again...

Jaxx (hippygal)