Monday, 19 March 2007

Internet at home a dog

I have broad band and it is still a DOG!!!

OMG having major problems with it at the moment and it is driving me insane. It is faster to read blogs etc at work GEESH.

Today was an ok day... worked and nothing much else.

I did get a compliment today from a lady at school (who incidentally is a friend of Kris.. the one that Kris has been leaning on). Well anyway this lady said that she has been meaning to tell me for weeks... she said "you look fantastic! I bet you are feeling great!" OMG that was so nice of her I couldn't get over it.

She said that she had been over at Kris's all day and she is still depressed. I said "the woman needs a job and have said that all along" and she said the same thing to Kris today... so at least this other friend of Kris's isn't falling for it and telling her exactly what I have been saying.
Enough on that subject.. I was just soooo happy to get a compliment from someone I have only said hi to and not really had anything to do with it was nice.

Work was good. Got my new printer today and that was fantastic.

Had a long talk to my boss in Auckland and asked how flexible she was with the hours and she said she understands how hard it is with kids and with in reason we can negotiate my times so that is soooo good. So I am going to swap my Monday and Tuesday times so I can take Quinn to soccer so I am rapt with that.

There was a big email that came around to all of us today saying that the Directors of the creches didn't know but there will be a couple of changes and then she said "Don't panic" OMG who wouldn't panic when you put that word in there. I said to her I am panicking... she said that it just means the order that I do my work in will change and nothing much else so I am happy with that.. woohoooo. I thought the 1st of April would come and they would say well thanks but we don't need you anymore.. but after thinking on that.. they wouldn't give me a new printer (BRAND NEW HE HE) if they were going to get rid of me would they aye... woohooo.

Been so so so so good with my food today.

I have only eaten 19 points out of my 24 and feeling really full because I had lots of fruit and I had a chicken salad for lunch and I had a salady dinner with roast beef and lots of tomatoes and coleslaw and lettuce and beetroot... it was sooo healthy.

I have a feeling that tomorrow I will gain because to tell you the truth I have been slack.. I haven't felt like there was any motivation in me and people aren't talking about weight loss too much on the blogs so I wasn't getting much motivation to keep me going.

I have only got 21 kilos (that is if I haven't gained tomorrow) but anyway... 21.4 until I get under that 100 kilo mark... and I want that to happen this year everyone.. I really do!! The food is my problem! Exercise isn't the problem what so ever.

OHHHH I forgot to mention there is a huge ho ha going on at the gym now too. The guy that owns the gym doesn't want a lot of different trainers working there under different business names and so in all his glory has decided that there will only be one business and it won't be Joy's or Daniels or the other two trainers there but a couple that are there... so if Joy and the rest of them want to stay then they have to work under this other couples business.. WHAT AN ARSE the owner is... so Joy is finding another place to rent so she can start her personal training business. She can't poach us at all and has told that to us in no certain terms. But if we are to move in our own accord she can't do anything about that either. I can't wait till it is official and then I am going to give the owner a piece of my mind!!! because some good trainers are going and that isn't fair.

I don't want to give up Joy... I know there has been trouble in the last 4 months but I really feel like I achieve a lot in our personal training so we are going to see what happens and if she starts a gym with these other people then Jeremy and I are thinking of moving to it because finding someone that you connect with on the personal trainer front is really hard. So the Lean that was supposed to start tomorrow night has been put off for a couple of weeks until things settle down and she knows what is happening and she said if all else fails then she will be doing it from her garage.. and that is fine with me.

OHHHH am I feeling talkative tonight.

When Jeremy got home the kids, Jeremy and I went for a long bike ride and I chose a route that had lots of hills and then we went and played soccer in the field and then rode back... it was great because Corbin and I were trying to get the ball off each other and my heart rate was going up and Quinn was soooo enjoying kicking the ball and learning how to stop it. I enjoyed it so much and the boys asked if we could do it again tomorrow so obviously they enjoyed it too. Quinn used to hate going for bike rides with us until he got his training wheels off and now we can't keep him off it is great.

Lynise has put me on to a lovely lady that is doing Optifast and has been videoing it and so I got chatting by email to her today and she is lovely. So if you are reading Genelle welcome... I am not too sure if she wants me to put her link but if you do Genelle then please leave a comment and I will link it.

Ok.. so I am off to do some more invites he he he creative stuff again woohoo.

Love ya all


P.S I have been thinking about moving all my stuff back to blogger? but private what do you guys think?

Kate does it cost to be with your blogging??? I need to find somewhere that I can be happy and it is ok here but I cannot seem to work out how to get a template that I like... and it be me... hmmm and there are some features I miss from blogger.


Chris H wrote:
Mar 19, 2007 at 8:43 PM
Phew girl, when you wanna yak you can! Now, as for Mike's hair... it's on Saturday's blog post I reckon...

Kateypie wrote:
Mar 19, 2007 at 9:01 PM
Yeah it does cost, but for me it's well worth it. I've tried about 6 different blogging websites and by far it's the best one. I love it! We justified the cost by thinking about how it is my hobby & support - every day! So the cost isn't that much compared with some hobbies. You can do a free trial, and have a play around :-)

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