Friday, 30 March 2007

Physio appointment today

I don't know if I had told anyone about pulling my back on Sunday... well I was in sooo much pain yesterday and today that I made an appointment with the physio this morning because the pain was going down my lower back to my back of my thigh and a major pain in my calf muscle and I couldn't take the pain anymore and I told Joy I wouldn't be at my PT this morning (and if you all know me I wouldn't give up my PT for nothing NOTHING at all). She told me that I needed to get to a physio and stop worrying about money and just got.... Bloody expensieve people if it isn't covered by ACC. The physio said it was covered by ACC Wohooo bloody woohoooo. I am not really that stingggyy really I am not. I just want to be better by next week when we go camping.

I phoned up and made an appointment and got one at 10.40 and before that I went to visit Tania at her shop and we sat and talked and it was nice... I got a bit upset because I can't sit without being in pain and also driving is painful. It was nice to catch up with Tania and have a good chat. She gave me a hug and said she was sorry for giving me hell about K. I said to her I understand why she goes at me about K and I understand that I need to keep away from her but I am not a fool... I have stopped replying to her texts and I say hello at school this week and I am happy with that.

I would never be upset with Tania... she can be a bit straight forward sometimes but I know it is with good intentions. I said to her if I was truly pissed off with her I promise I would tell her to F**K off he he and she laughed.

So anyway I have exercises to do to stretch my muscles and have to go back to him on Wednesday night... OMG I hope I can last till then and I hope the stretches help too. He said to take some pain killers to help things... I said I can take panadol but not Voltaren because of my ulcer grrrr... I hope that panadol works.

My mum is at bingo today and I must say it is nice having the house to myself and doing things for me. I was going to go and have a bath but was too scared I wouldn't have been able to get back out he he.

I am still being really good with my food but with not being able to do exercise I am not sure if I am going to make it to my 35 kilos before Easter. I will be so so so pissed off that is for sure.

I am glad to be back on blogger. I did like Vox but I am more at home on Blogger and I can put my stuff down the sides. I have to update with peoples blogs on the side bar but will get to that. If you read and want your blog on the side please tell me.

Love ya all


celtic_girl said...

Hi there Mandz, welcome back to blogger. Woohoo on the 1.5 loss earlier on in the week. I too have got to get more focussed as am so sick of the yo-yoing I'm doing since Xmas.Sorry to hear about your injury, take it easy there and let it recover, the physio and exercise's they give you will help.
Have a great weekend.

ps It's OK to add me to your side bar as well

Name: Lynise said...

Yipeee, your back. I love blogger as well. Its so user friendly and having the side bar options is a big bonus. I used to blog on another site, (the same one that Just Jo use to use) but it suffered a fatel hemmorage one day and everyones posts were lost forever. (I had about 7mths worth on it). Blogger seems a lot more reliable and its certainly easier for me to jump across to read what your up to as I don't have to re-log in. Sorry to hear about your back, hope your feeling better soon. (as in, really really quick, I was a royal bag of misery when I had a sore back. Horrible

Chris H said...

Bummer about the back mate, hope it gets better soon. It is neat to see you back on blogger, easier to access too. I hope you can get some exercise in, even though you are sore... What do Physiotherapists charge anyway? my son Mike is going to Auckland Uni next year to study to become one!

Lyn said...

Thanks for your lovely email :) Looks like I have a lot of reading to catch up on.

You can add my blog to your column if you want (although I'm still quite new)

Lyn said...

LOL nevermind, I see you've already done it ... heheh ... speedy chick!