Thursday, 15 March 2007

Was getting over it

Mar 15, 2007 at 5:25 PM

Ok so I was getting over the Kris thing I WAS YA KNOW!!!!

Then today she came up to me in my car while waiting for the kids and she looked like death warmed up and she said "I have a permanent babysitter now" I said "what are you talking about" she said that she had a nervous breakdown and since Tuesday has been in hospital in the care unit because of her breakdown. She doesn't know why it happened or what happened but she drove to a friends place and then the next thing she knew she was going to hospital... SHIT.
Said that the babysitter is there to make sure she doesn't try to commit suicide... and while she was talking to me her hubby was in the car and he has taken a week off because he is worried about her.

Now my heart sank as I felt sorry for her but after talking to hubby and another friend... they said the same thing (both of them at different times) that she is telling me because she wants attention.

She also said she went and saw Daniel (her trainer) to apologise for all the crap she has done... and told him about the situation and realised that she was getting to attached to him in her head. I said to her "I could have told you that a year ago... infact I told you that a year ago" The poor trainer is only like 23 or 24 and that is a lot to take in when you are training someone.
She asked if I could have a coffee with her next week and I said yes. After that I just felt stink all day. I don't want to get involved with this woman anymore but I also don't want it on my conscience if anything happened that I wasn't wanting to listen. Why do I get caught up in this... am I a person that feels I can sort peoples problems out? Or am a nosy person? Or what? I am not sure.

My friend Tania said (in no certain terms as she doesn't hold anything back and is sooo straight forward sometimes I want to slap her he he he) that she is weedling her way back in to my life and I am a soft hearted stupid woman if I get involved again.. it is attention seeking and really if a normal person was admitted to hospital for depression or something like that then they would want to be at home wallowing in their problem and not tell anyone yet she came and told you... GET REAL she is just wanting the attention again and you cannot do it.. I kept saying to Tania yes I know I know but I can't leave a person that wants someone to talk to like that... and Tania said Well she has got you hooked again and it isn't like you haven't got your own things to worry about.

OMG am a bitch!! OMG is going to a coffee the wrong thing? I just want to text Kris and tell her that I am there to talk to if she needs me but I am scared on the other hand too because I don't know mentally that I can handle it.

I know this blog has been filled with things about Kris lately but I suppose this is my life and things that are worrying me I want to get off my system and having someone to listen to me is what I need. Or am I doing the same as Kris?

Went to morning tea with old work mates today and gave them some of my business cards and they were impressed and said that they would pass it on that I am doing this and see if they can send business my way. I got a lot of good compliments on my invites too. One of them even said that I should put them in a scrapbook instead of a folder and it would look more arty and better presentation and I agree... didn't really think of it like that before.

Eating has been ok this week. Not been concentrating too much on it just going with the flow. I haven't gained on our scales so that is ok.

Went out for dinner last night with hubby but decided to go to The Londoner and had a nice pub sort of dinner. It was nice and relaxing and we had fish and chips and salad and I totally enjoyed it. We talked and relaxed and watched the people around us and it felt good to get out with each other. I said to Jeremy that it felt different going out for dinner tonight.... a year ago I would have been self conscious and wondering what everyone was thinking of me and if my pants looked ok or if I was dressed up or down for the place but I wore a orange hessian shirt (that I get lots of compliments on and my three quarter black jeans and felt really good and relaxed. What a difference in my attitude with going out and Jeremy noticed it too.

I am in the study at the moment and Quinn is on the floor making cards (like I do he he he) I gave him a little basket to put his finished cards in like I do with mine and he is enjoying that. I think he is going to be a very arty little boy... not conventional with his art as he doesn't draw specific things just blobs and stuff and sometimes bees or birds etc but still it is good.

Just checked the mail and FINALLY I got a letter about my Smear which was 4 weeks ago and came back normal. What a relief.. OMG it took them long enough though. Hubby said that if there was anything wrong they would have come back really soon with it so I suppose that was a good sign.

I feel better getting that letter that is for sure.

On that note I am going now.



Chris H wrote:
Mar 15, 2007 at 8:19 PM

I am going to keep this short and simple... attention seeking, don't be sucked in again unless you want to be her support person forever, don't go there. She makes you miserable, want to be miserable some more???

Chubbymum wrote:
Mar 15, 2007 at 9:22 PM
You are right Chris H
I don't want to be miserable anymore!! Won't go there!

Celtic Girl wrote:
Mar 16, 2007 at 12:50 AM
I agree with Tania, most people would not want anybody knowing they have had a breakdown, so I feel she'e out for the sympathy vote.

Lynise wrote:
Mar 16, 2007 at 11:56 AM
yippeeee, on the clear smear result. That must be a weight off your mind. (I'm still procrastinating about booking one which is really silly of me)

In regards to Kris, I'm with Chris and Celtic Girl, I don't think coming up and telling you she has had a nervous breakdown is normal at all. I imagine most people would be feeling quite sensitive about having people know, therefore the fact she is advertising it to you SCREAMS of seeking attention. Your heart is in the right place (wanting to lean an ear) but as Chris has said, she just makes you miserable, and her past actions have shown that she really can't be trusted. Remember, she CHOSE to do something that would make YOU look bad. No true friend would do that. I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her, I am convinced that she hasn't changed at all, and would turn on you in a heart beat if something ticked her off and she wanted to get back at you.

In my opinion she isn't really a true friend Mandy, she is needy, and manipulative, and cunning, and deceitful (all things she has shown herself to be through her own actions)

I hope you don't get hurt again.
Take care

Chubbymum wrote:
Mar 16, 2007 at 1:27 PM

Yes I have come to the conclusion that you are all right... I knew deep down but didn't want to feel like I was giving up on someone that needed my help or my ear.

I am feeling better about it today. I am also feeling better about the weight loss side of things today.


janene wrote:
Mar 16, 2007 at 1:32 PM

Mandy I can hear the alarms bells ringing from here. I know what you are saying about not wanting to feel guilty that you weren't there for her to talk to, BUT as your friend said, who the hell goes out telling everyone that they had a breakdown, and so soon after the fact! She is trying to wheedle her way back into your life, and you will end up going through the same heartbreak as you did before, but even worse this time. You are finding it hard enough now to trust new friends (eg Debbie), but imagine how hard it will be if she messes with you again. Tell her to buggar off and to go talk to a counsellor - okay, so you could be more polite about it than that, but it makes me angry that she might be given the opportunity to hurt you again. You are too special and you don't deserve to have to put up with her shit again.

janene wrote:
Mar 16, 2007 at 1:34 PM

Okay just read your responses to your comments. Good decision Mandy, she's just not worth your time or the hurt xox

Tracy wrote:
Mar 16, 2007 at 2:22 PM
I know it is hard to say no, especially when someone seems so needy & desperate but in this case, you need to keep away from the woman as much as you can. Tell her you are sorry that she has been ill but at this stage you feel that it would not be a good idea to resume contact. She only wants attention & you have too much good stuff going on now to get caught up in that crap again.

Sorry I have not been commenting much lately, flat out with work etc but have been reading regularly.
Have a great weekend.

Lee wrote:
Mar 18, 2007 at 8:13 PM
It is so hard to break away as you want to help, but this chick has done nothing but bring you down...don't punish yourself by going back there!!
You have kicked on and you are doing great in all areas of your life...don't start to go backwards!!
Have a great week

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