Tuesday, 6 March 2007


Mar 6, 2007 at 10:04 AM

Thanks for the comments yesterday...

I am sorry for being such a baby yesterday....

Just had to get it out.. I am missing blogger but I can't go back because I don't want her to know anything about my life and I also don't want to be writing in two blogs ya know. I am happy writing in here just really miss the comments as they keep me going and miss meeting new people, but also don't want Kris to know about my life.

I know that sounds bad but I can't go back to her knowing what is happening in my life... it is safer for her not to know because then she cannot cause me anymore crap because life is better without her involved.

Well... I got my name logo examples yesterday and I think I have chosen which one I want so I think my Invite business is finally starting properly. I have called it Papaya Invites and the colours I have chosen are Bright Orange, Black and white. I love ORANGE..... it is just so vibrant and makes me feel happy.

The next thing I have to do is get the signage done on my car (but that will be after I get some more work to pay for it).

My hubby ordered my printer yesterday and he is getting a good deal as he is a computer consultant and can buy from work for a cheaper price.

So it feel fantastic that things are going well in that department. I have gutted my study to make it ready for doing the invites in my study and even got a T.V set up in there he he he I know lazy huh but down the end of the house it is lonely at night time if I don't have noise.
So don't forget if you know of anyone that wants any type of invite please please please send them my way.

I went looking at shops the other day to see what leases cost and OMG $45,000 a year (around $850 a week) OOOOOHHHH MY GOD talk about making money these people and a couple of them have a 6 year lease too so that is $270,000 in 6 years GEESH cheaper to do it at home or buy a bloody house to do it from.. which is a possibliity. At least that way I would be paying the money to myself.

Thank you Thank you for your comments!

Thank you Chris H for the emails yesterday you certainly perked me up.

I am glad I met you all! I am glad I can call you friends! I am so blessed!

Not wanting to work today... can you tell? I am on here instead of doing my work. I suppose the reason I get bored is because I can do my 3 day a week job in 1 day but don't want to tell them or I could lose my job. I was talking to hubby last night and OK I hate the uniform and the new owners suck big time but what job would let me start at 7.30am and take my kids to school from 8.30 to 9.00 and pay me for it aye... it has it perks and I can be in my office and do other things and I don't have many people coming in bugging me so it is a good thing really. Just that uniforms really make me feel angry.

I hate feeling uncomfortable and I hate the way buttons ride open and I would like to be comfortable and if I am not dealing with parents then why bother having a uniform. If the uniform was comfortable I wouldn't mind.

Went to my kickboxing class last night and I worked my tushy off!!!! The trainer said in front of the whole class... OMG you should all look at Mandy Girl (that is my nickname) she is going for it tonight woohooo... and Debbie just looked at me and what a scowl. She has not been in a very good mood the last couple of weeks... she doesn't even say hello when she comes in to the room anymore.. a couple of the girls at work are considering talking to her and saying PULL you head in and if there is something wrong then stop all the crap and tell us.

I think I have learnt to ignore it and just get on with things because if she is going to be in a mood then if she can't tell us what the problem is then too bad because I am not in high school anymore I am 36 years old... she is 28 and I think has a lot to sort out ya know.
I have my weigh in tonight. My scales said I have lost 500grams... so we shall see. I am happy with that. I mean I would have like to lose the 1.9 to get me to 35 kilos but that is ok... can't all be perfect aye. and 500 grams a week is good enough.

I was a little upset last week as I stayed the same and Debbie has 2.9 to get to 20 kilos which means she has lost it sooooooo much faster than me and she knew I didn't want to know how much we have lost because it bothers me but she did anyway...

She is 113 kilos now... That is like 8 kilos lighter and she started being 5 kilos heavier than me... OOHHHH I so want to be at 99 kilos. It is driving me insane. She deserves the fact that she has lost so much she must do.... but I wish it was me.. ya know. I am not angry that she lost more as she worked hard and it has worked for her... it is just that I want to be that weight.

One of the ladies here said to me that Debbie has a lot to catch up to my weight.. and I said to her that she is lighter than me and they were shocked... we are a totally different shape from each other.. she has it all in her backside and chest and I have it in my tummy and legs... quite weird really.

Anyway this week is another week.....GUESS WHAT... Joy my trainer is starting another Lean for me... OMG I hounded her about it before Kris and I had a falling out about having it at night time instead of 6am in the morning and she said no but now that I am not in the morning session I asked her to start a night time one so it starts on the 20th March wooohoooo on a Tuesday and Thursday night and Tuesday night I can leave a little earlier to get to WW meeting as it is from 5.30 to 6.30 but WW starts at 6.00 but the talk doesn't till 6.30 so I will make it in time for the talk as that is a really important thing to me as well as talking to my wonderful leaders as they make my week...

Anyway going to go to morning tea now he he he
Love Mandz


Chris H wrote:
Mar 6, 2007 at 8:06 PM
It's all sounding fantastic, the business, the diet, Lean, etc etc. I'm so glad you are feeling better today.... and don't worry about what other people weigh/lose, you are doing fantastically, and we are all bloody different! Just concentrate on yourself and don't get tied up about "she's lost more than me ... faster than me", you don't know how she's really doing it.. for all you know she could be starving herself... and the weight might come back .... slow and steady girl!

Anne wrote:
Mar 6, 2007 at 8:10 PM
Thanks for your comment!! You are a sweetie:) Good lady getting rid of the bigger clothes - cos you aren't going to need them anymore.
Your job sounds quite sweet - despite the uniform. Good luck with the invite business - will keep you in mind if we need anything like that. Just a thought do you do business flyers?

Lynise wrote:
Mar 7, 2007 at 11:06 AM
Hi Mandy, I will certainly spread the word if I know of any events coming up that need invites. In regards to those leases, I looked into the same thing a couple of years ago but soon found out that there are cheaper options available if you don't go to a mall (or a main street) A friend of mine had a small shop at five cross roads and her rent was $250 a week (2000 - 2003) so much cheaper then going into a mall or main shopping area, which was about 1/3 the price of larger shopping complexes.
Also, in regards to the sign writing on your car I just thought I would mention that you can also get large magnetic signage made that looks like its painted on, its only when you are standing right next to the vehicle that you realise it can be taken off. We use magnetic signage for our company van, so that we can peel it off and use the vehicle for personal use if we need to. It probably good advertising to leave it on, but sometimes I just feel like being annoymous, rather then driving round with huge blueberries and text all over the vehicle. lol. (just thought I would mention it in case you hadn't heard about it, as we almost got our van painted, then found out about the magnets)
In regards to the weightloss, I agree with Chris, try not to let what others are doing cloud how you think. Its great to have support and share the journey with others who are also battling their weight, but we are all so different. Also our individual motivation changes and your just going to stress yourself out if you let it effect you. I love hearing about other people's losses as I feel it motivates me even more (but thats just me) and for the record, your losing it faster then me as I've been stuck on the same weight since January 12th. (arrrgh) Anyway, take care. Lynise

Celtic Girl wrote:
Mar 7, 2007 at 11:23 PM
Just caught up on your blog.Congartulations on starting your invite business I wish you all the success in the world Mandy. Also great your going to do Lean again.Bummer about the uiniform, I used to sew up the front of mine on the machine so the buttons wouldn't gape.

Celtic Girl wrote:
Mar 7, 2007 at 11:28 PM
Your invites are really beautiful, your a talented lady.

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