Friday, 2 March 2007


Mar 2, 2007 at 3:47 PM

It was an emotional night...

There was about 60 people there and the things this lady was saying to some of them were amazing and they were empressed and there was so much detail about things. She picked 2 of the girls from my work too and said some things that only they knew and they were two girls that were the most skeptical before we got there and then afterwards they were really quiet and amazed.

I was getting angrier by the end of the night... I just kept thinking come on Dad come on Dad get noticed and talk to me..

The thing is that my Dad was the sort of man that loved talking and loved pleasing everyone and teasing yet she didn't choose me to go up...

At the end there was a free for all and I just sat there too afraid to ask a question and when I thought of a question then someone would get in first.

So at the end of the night I went up to chat to her and I had a tear coming down my face while waiting for another friend to ask her something and she kept looking back to me and then she got to me and gave me a red rose and I said to her I have one question and she said "he said to stop blaming yourself and that you are the only one worrying about breaking a promise he doesn't want me to dwell on it anymore because I didn't break the promise" and that is all she said... she hit it on the nail.. but it felt a little harsh or maybe it was not enough for me... I am still trying to fiqure it out. Maybe it was because she had been reading for 2 hours and she was exhausted. My dad and I were like best friends and I know my Dad would talk and talk and talk to me and hug me and laugh and there wasn't enough emotion or something...

I know you are going to say you got a message and it was one that I wanted to know and I hadn't told anyone except my husband what I was upset about when my dad died... (and hubby doesn't believe in mediums)... and I should be grateful and what did I expect anyway... I don't know what I expected... maybe for it to be like old times and talk and talk to him and for him to tell me how proud he was or something... and I know I should deal with the fact that she said to stop blaming myself but I am not happy with just that.

I have to save and go and have a reading from her personally and see what happens..

It was an amazing night and she helped so many people come to terms with things and I can imagine there were about 20 or so people that slept better last night than they have ever done, but I think I felt like I was left hanging and getting to sleep last night wasn't good. My eyes were all puffy this morning.

Feeling quite emotional at the moment.. going now


OMG I forgot... we got there at 6.45 and I looked at my watch and said to Debbie... OMG we have 15 minutes till it starts and she said No we don't I said it is only 6.45 and she said no it is 7 and then looked at my watch and it had stopped.... literally stopped and I told the girls while we were there that I found it quite strange.. then afterwards we went to take the other girls home before Debbie and I went to pick up my mum and my watch had started again and had worked out it had been 20 minutes ago that it had started and that was the exact time that we had left the building... now I know you are all thinking bullshit but OMG it freaked me out... it was like Dad was saying... hun I was there... just couldn't get my chance to talk... ya know? I don't know maybe I am interpretting things? hmmm not sure.


Chris H wrote:
Mar 2, 2007 at 7:49 PM
Man I am such a sceptic.... I went to a clairvoyant about 10 years ago, she predictred a whole shit load of things.... NONE of which came true.... and she told me all about my first brother's death.... all wrong...... so I'm still a sceptic. If only I could believe in all that stuff, afterlife and such like, but I'm just not able to. Far out Mandy, I'm sending you this comment, and you just left one on my blog at the same time...... hmmmmmmmmmm

Anne wrote:
Mar 2, 2007 at 8:51 PM
I'm not a sceptic but I sort of like some proof if that makes sense. My daughter and I went to Colin Fryer a couple of years ago - and at one stage I thought he had my mum - then I thought no it's not. (Scottish accent, my name yea I know quite common but also the name she nearly called me etc) My daughter clicked too and started nudging me to say, also had a sister in law in the audience and she thought this is for Anne. Trouble is I sat there and didn't say anything and the people that spoke up - the message wasn't for them. So... I will never know.

Got to say too I have a bit of trouble finding you on this Vox thing - or is it just me???

Kateypie wrote:
Mar 2, 2007 at 9:40 PM
Hon, you take from the night what you want. If you feel it's true, then it is.I had a few odd things happen on the night my Granddad died, one thing happened at the exact time that he died.. it would be easy to mark it down to co-incidence, but I choose to believe that it was more than that, and because I believe it, it means something to me.One thing I am sure of.. your Dad... he'd be so incredibly proud of you. Not just for all your hard work with losing weight, but the way you just keep on at it, for your creativity, and for the fact you are such a great Mum. xx

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