Sunday, 18 March 2007



So my weekend has gone so bloody fast it is unbelievable and can't really say it was over the top wonderful but ya know.

Friday night I had Debbie over and we were putting paua shells on a clutch bag of hers... not sure why but she thought it was what needed to be done to match her hair and necklace for her brothers wedding... hmmmmm it wasn't really something I would do but it made her happy. Jeremy and I finally convinced her that wearing paua shell flat jandle sort of shoes just didn't go with the beautiful black flowy skirt (from precious vessels) and a lovely greeny top it just made a lovely wedding outfit look like she was going to the beach.... I think we convinced her of that so hey that was soooo good...

Satuday got up early as we had to be at the school hall to see what teams the boys are in for soccer. OMG I have to take them to practice each for each team and then they both have a game on a Saturday ARGGHHHH I am a serious soccer mum now he he he. While we were there this guy came up and gave me a hug and I didn't get too much of a chance to see who it was and then realised it was my ex boyfriend.... one of hubby's friends from school. I met him before I met Jeremy. It was nice seeing him again as we parted friends as the relationship shouldn't have happened when it did anyway. He is married with two kids and looking good and his son looks amazingly like him it is scary. It was good to catch up and Jeremy and him were chatting for ages.

Then we went shopping for soccer balls, boots, etc and also for some winter clothes for Corbin as he has gotten too big for the ones from last year. OMG I got the ones last year two sizes bigger too so that they should have lasted two seasons BUT OH NO THEY DON'T. Got my hubbies birthday present too of 3 Cd's and two pairs of jeans that he wanted.

We got home and hubby dyed my hair... which no one that night noticed btw. After dying my hair I went to my eyebrow appointment and OMG what a difference it makes to your eyes when you don't have a bush there he he he he... I felt really great.

The reason for doing my hair was because we were meeting 10 friends in town for dinner for Jeremy's birthday. I got showered and dressed and came downstairs where Jeremy's bro and girlfriend were and J's bro said "Wow you look fantastic" wow that took me back because he never usually says anything and to tell the truth I felt pretty fantastic too. I wore my black jeans, high heeled short boots (like yours Rachel he he he) and a black and white top that was quite frilly but very feminine and it had sort of a plunging neckline but not too bad that if I bent over anything would be seen... I am a little bit too reserved for that he he he.

We went and picked up Debbie and then met everyone at a Thai restaurant. Now non of the people there had met any of the other people so it was an interesting night but it was really talkative and we laughed a lot. Debbie and Tania met for the first time and I could tell that Tania didn't like Debbie too much and Debbie was being a little abnoxious too... which was strange. I don't know if it was because she was nervous or not but her and Tania clashed. By the end of the night I was about to strangle Debbie as she was contradicting everything I said and everytime I tried to ask someone a question she would answer for them. I think I will put it down to being nervous around people she didn't know.

Tania and Annabelle got on like a house on fire and I was so glad as Annabelle (soon to be sister in law I reckon) is such a nice person and to be honest Tania is my best friend and I know that she always says what she thinks it is a great friendship with no bullshit ya know.

The restaurant sucked....We got there at 7pm and it took 2 hours for us to get our entree's and then we got it at different times so the idea of sharing the entree's and mains didn't happen or half the food would have been cold. The spelling etc in the menu was sooooo bad... like one of them said "Beef with toasted" yeah beef with toasted what... which we found out beef on toast he he he and there were a lot more things he he he. I asked for a lemondade and the lady said that they were out of Lemonade... OMG what restaurant at 7pm on a busy Saturday night doesn't have Lemonade... The mains.... we got the rice 10 minutes before the mains and so the rice was cold. It didn't stop there though but I am not getting in to it. Even though all the food was sooooooo long to get to our table it was great to be able to chat with everyone and that was great.

After dinner was done we went down to a new pub in the next block that was a Russian pub and so we all had Vodka (we pronounced WODKA he he he) and clinked our glasses and drank up hmmmm warm is the word I leave to describe... then we went and played two games of pool... it was good. I went on the boys team or it wouldn't have been even and we won the first game and the girls won the second.

We then went to another pub that was full on Irish music and drinks etc and Debbie was making a play for the bar man that I got a little annoyed (in a funny way) and I ended up saying something to him (can't really remember) that he came over later on and gave us those glowing bracelets and we had fun teasing him and Debbie... so she got her thrills for the night it was nice seeing her happy. He wasn't bad but my brother in law said that he knows his brother and apparently the guy loves the teasing etc... so ya never know aye.

On the way back to the car park we got in the elevator and I was looking straight ahead and Debbie and Annabelle were laughing and I was thinking "what the hell are you laughing at" and then I looked next to Annabelle and there was Jeremy next to her....... and I was holding my brother in laws hand he he he he I thought it was Jeremy next to me and I was grabbing for his hand thinking OMG your hand is sooo cold tonight and it is usually really warm... OMG what a fright I got from that knowing that I was the one grabbing for the brother in law he he he.
Got up this morning and was over joyed when we realised we had an extra hour woohooooo.
Annabelle and Chris stayed the night so they didn't have to drive their long drive to their house and so we all sat in the lounge (on this miserable day weather wise) and watched James Bond... it was nice.

I went with Debbie around lunch time as she was begging me to go shoe shopping as she didn't know what to get for the wedding which turned out to be a waste of time because she doesn't like closed in toe shoes and she doesn't like heels and she doesn't like this or that OMG it was horrible and I even hate shoe shopping for myself...

I gave up in the end because she should just go in sneakers to the wedding and that way she wouldn't complain. I think she must have her TOM at the moment because she was even walking ahead of me and not even walking with me in the shopping mall. I think after the second shop I had had enough!!! she should have gone shopping by herself if she wasn't going to walk with me. It was making me angrier and angrier. I said to Jeremy when I got home that I would have rather have stayed with them and had fun then going shopping with someone that didn't want to associate with me while shopping. GRRRRRRR

When I got home we had a couple of good friends and kids turn up and it was a great afternoon as our kids put on a dancing show for us in the lounge and they were pretending to do break dancing.... OHHHH How cute that was. When they left Corbin, Quinn and I went for a bike ride... it was great I was sweating by the time I got back as we go a lot faster now that Quinn lost his training wheels.

I even got some more invites done for my sample book and I am sooo happy with them.
So that was my weekend and it went way way to fast...

Hope all your weekends went well.

Love Mandz


Chris H wrote:
Mar 19, 2007 at 10:47 AM
Far out you had a busy weekend. Shame the restaurant was suckful! I hate it when you go out and it's a let-down like that ... that's probably why we always end up going to the same places, cos we know the service and food will be good.

Tracy wrote:
Mar 19, 2007 at 4:12 PM
Sounds like a good weekend - what was with Debbie - I wonder if she is a bit jealous of your friendship with Tania???? The bit where you say she was contradicting you & answering the questions etc, sounds like she was "marking her territory". As for the shopping - that is just rude!!! Be careful, I would hate to see you get hurt. Have a good week anyway :-)

Mar 19, 2007 at 4:19 PM
Don't fear Tracy... I won't get hurt again and Debbie can be a nice person 'really she can!' but lately she has been really strange and I don't think she is anything like Kris.
I just wonder if she is unhappy that I have friends and we are not just like best exclusive friends some times. I don't want to have just one friend... I want lots of friends and it may have been a jealousy thing? Not sure. I did get soooo mad at the fact she didn't want to walk with me in the shopping mall though grrr...
There are a lot of good qualities about Debbie and I suppose when reading my blog I do bitch about her and I should say some nice things too as she is caring in other aspects. I don't really want to just bitch about her but I if I talk about it on my blog then I can get it off my chest and go about life as normal ya know?.

Anne wrote:
Mar 19, 2007 at 5:33 PM
Isn't great to get compliments!

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