Sunday, 15 April 2007

Sunday - Gym done

Went to the gym this morning with Delwyn and hubby and it was ok.. the gym seems flat lately like there is no life left in it at the moment.

I did 20 minutes on the treadmill and then some leg lifts and then went on the water bike... Also managed to do some dumbell lifts... but that was all for me. I am glad that I went but sort of not glad as my calf muscle is killing me now and before anyone says it... YES I did stretch before and after and during because Delwyn pulled a calf muscle about six months ago and she had stretches that she was given by her physio so she taught me them.

Celtic girl yes they were codiene tablets OMG what a nightmare of a night and the headaches are atrocious aren't they... but it is over with now hopefully. I am a little bit scared to go to the toilet now though he he he but have to get over that don't I.

ChrisH I don't know much about GST claiming and that so it scares me that I will register and then have to pay soooo much back that it wouldn't be worth it? I really have to get down to business and check out all about GST etc.

So until I do I am not going to pay for another laptop until I delve more in to it (or if anyone here knows about it?)... apparently there are business lease ones and you can claim back on it too... I am cautious when it comes to things like that because I don't want to get stung the other way around... you know what IRD can be like (well that is what I have heard).

Can you all please link me on your blogs (if you have links) as I would love to be out there more now but please link I need all the comments and motivation I can get as I am sick of my plateauing.

Will update more later

Food Today:

Breakfast: 1 toast bread with Jam (feeling not too well to eat)

Lunch: 2 Vogel bread, Chicken, tomato, slice cheese, pickle, lettuce
Dinner: Casserole, Rice
Snacks: Prunes (lots he he he)
Water: 2 Bottles


Anne said...

If you get the chance try aqua - seriously any pain you have becomes virtually non existant in water. It is helping me with my latest injury. Do hope you get better soon though as when you are feeling dore it drags you down.

GST - if in doubt phone IRD - you have to register if you earn a certain amount through the business. Sounds as if you want it to grow so would be a good idea maybe to register at the start and then you can claim back on business related expenses. You only have to pay them the difference between what you pay for GST and what you collect - initally could me that you are getting back more GST than what you are paying until you are running at a profit. Pity I'm not closer as we run our business also farm and have learnt quite a bit about setting up, GST etc

Helena said...


celtic_girl said...

Ok I'm going to join you on your challenge, just need to work out how to put the thingy up on my side bar, also will put you on my blogroll as soon as I learn how to do that as well. lol!

Good luck with the no: 2's - it's the pits.

Sue said...

He's a mural painter and did some of the backdrops for Lord of the Rings - so I guess painting my hairy teenager would have been easy!