Friday, 20 April 2007

Last day of School holidays


Last day of school holidays today. I do LOVE my children so much but I also like having my days off so that I can achieve things I need to achieve and I also hate with a passion stopping them fight grrrr.

Got up this morning and didn't want to get out of bed but I knew I had to go to my PT with Joy this morning at her place (as she no longer works at the gym anymore).

So I got up and had an English Muffin and then decided I had time to spare so I would walk to her house for my PT session. It took me 15 minutes to walk there and it was SUCH a beautiful morning it was nice to get out and just think about things without being interrupted.

I got there and she said OH I am glad you are ready because we are going for a walk ARGGHHHHHH I like walking but her speed is like running he he he. I said to her I would be walking but I also want to be careful of my back if I am too tense when walking then there go my muscles and I pull my back out again so she sort of slowed it down.

So we went for a half an hour walk (so that adds to 45 minutes with the walk there) and then went back to her gym at her place and we did punch bag punching with gloves and then we concentrated on my upper body with pressups and then on the bench with weights doing chest pull things in three different ways... OMG sore chest sore upper arms and when she tried to up my weights it hurt my back so she put them down.

It was GREAT!!!! I enjoyed it more than going to the gym and doing it with her!! It was one on one and there were no interruptions (which was usually Kris) and there weren't any people there asking her questions while it was on my time.

She doesn't have any cardio machines but I didn't care!! I said to her I felt happier because it seemed like we got more done and I felt more relaxed because I wasn't worried if my shirt was right or if I was looking like a dork.

Now I didn't think I ever thought I did but after going to her place for the PT now I realise that I am self conscious about whether my top is down hiding my tummy or not... Wow... isn't it funny how your self conscious works.

I walked home and when I got home I got a phone call from Tania saying that we have to come up with a blurb for our two business for the pamplets about the Wedding Expo... so I am going to talk to hubby tonight to see what we can come up with for my part.

Tania also said "what are you doing in June" OMG I said "as long as it doesn't cost me money!!" he he he and she said "well sort of" grrrrr she wants me to train with her to do the TeAwamutu 8km walk. I said I would do it but with my back I am not over doing it because my physio said 3 to six months and I have only been ok in the last week and that is just ok... so I have another target to head for.

So I said to her are you working this afternoon and she said no and I said lets go to the lake and walk around it (it is 4km) and she said "but I have the kids" and I said "I have the kids too" she said they wouldn't walk around it (now her kids are older than mine by about a year). I said the reason your kids wouldn't do it is because you keep saying that they wouldn't... if you didn't be so negative they would.

Quinn and Corbin have been going around the lake walking for 2 years now and they started when they were almost 4 and almost 6 so she cannot tell me a 7 and two 9 year olds cannot walk around it... that was just an excuse.. and I told her that. So she said yes...

YES YOU GUESSED IT she called back in an hour and said she couldn't make it as she couldn't squeeze in the time OMG first practice run and chickens out GEE WHIZ. I just left it at that because if she doesn't want to try I cannot push her.

She lost 35 kilos before going down to Hokitika and she has gained it all back since coming back.. she said she has only gained a little but OMG even hubby said she is fooling herself because she is looking bigger than when we met her. This is the lady we went to the Easter camping with... I DO LOVE her dearly but I just want her to stop using excuses but I cannot do anything about that and I have to support her.

I am glad in a way that we are doing this walk because at least she is thinking about it and she wants to do it... so we are getting somewhere I suppose.

Wow... I think I was getting a bit angry this year because I hadn't done that many challenges and now I have a mixture of business and exercise challenges.

I now have the Wedding Expo and the Te Awamutu 8km walk. That is a great start don't ya reckon.

Tonight is my business meeting with Hubby he he he we need to set some goals and tasks so I don't feel overwelmed because at the moment I don't know where to start.

I have been a little bit laxed on my food this week and I am quite angry with myself. I have three days of being good so that I can get some more weight off this week and I HAVE TO STAY FOCUSSED, I HAVE TO!!

The boys start their soccer practice next week and then the soccer games next Saturday OMG it has started again boohooooo.... I am not managing the teams this year because it is too much with two teams and trying to go to their games are going to be interesting enough he he.

Food Today:

Breakfast: 1 English Muffin, Chicken Bacon

Lunch: Corned beef sandwich, V
Dinner: Chicken, Macaroni, Beans, Tomato
Water: 2 litres
Exercise: 1 hour PT with Joy and 30 minute walking


Chris H said...

And what did you have for dinner madam? Not a V I hope! I am going to love this weekend, cos once it's over the kids go back to school.... yaaaa bloody hooooo! Great walk today too ... and then wanting to go around the lake too... you are a legend! Have a wonderful weekend mate.

Chris H said...

Forgot, gunna join you in the 10 week challenge, want a reward though! Is it a personal challenge or against each other?

Abba said...

I say the reward for the 10 week challenge is BRAGGING RIGHTS! WooHoo! Okay, can you tell I am a bit excited?

Perhaps the reward should be beneficial to our weight loss. Maybe we could all put together a "wish list" of inexpensive items. The winner could receive said items after the challenge. Just a thought.