Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Lovely Lyn

I forgot to put the beautiful photo
of Lovely Lyn up yesterday!!!

What was wrong with me GEESH...
My coffee with Lyn was great and here we are...
both of us making sure that Tania took the photo
from the right spot upwards he he he what a laugh.

Went to the physio tonight and he is convinced it is my back for sure and not the calf and hamstring being the main culprit. Hubby got off work early and took me because driving home today I felt like I was going to fall asleep at the wheel... GEESH. Why are physio's sooooo painful OMG hubby said that he had his elbow into my back I was in so much pain and he just kept going it was horrible. But I feel a little better since though so that is great.

Saw Joy afterwards and she said that there has been so many people coming up to her asking why they haven't seen me around the gym in the last couple of weeks and also a couple of people asking why the lovely couple weren't at the kickboxing classes anymore he he he so we were missed.

Joy is finishing this Friday at the gym and the guy doesn't know it... she is on contract till then and has started setting up a gym in her garage and is going to do personal training from home and starting the Lean group over there as well. So our night time Lean is going to start soon afterwards OMG I cannot wait because I need it!! I need to get back in to a group and a new group will be good for me. Daniel isn't going to leave the gym and go with her to her business so I am soooo happy with that because I enjoy just Joy as the trainer.

I have tried today to be good with my food and have decided to put my food down at the bottom like Sue and Leenie are doing and maybe it will keep me on track. I haven't eaten too much today but that is because these tablets are making me feel quite sick to the stomach so food isn't on my mind at all.

I have been thinking about the books that Leenie has been reading (her bible as she calls it) and I put a reservation on one of them at the Library so I can't wait till I get that. I have been also been raiding the internet about the author as well to find out more information.

I have also added something new to my Papaya business as I was asked to do a wine label for a 21st for a lady at work's daughter and she loved the designs I did and showed others at work and now I have 4 orders OMG that was the easiest way to make a little bit of money ever he he he so I am going to put them as part of Papapya too... it was sooo much fun.

Food today:

Breakfast: Weetbix and milk
Lunch: Ham and Egg sandwich
Dinner: Fish (on George Forman) Salad
Snack: Plums

Water: 2 Bottles


Anne said...

Great photos of you and Lyn. You are a pair of gorgeous women!

Snap - I was thinking of putting my food intake on my entries as well, mainly to make sure I'm aware of all I eat and there are no 'forgotten' foods during the day.

Karen and Rachel said...

Wow love the photo of you and Lyn! I can't wait to meet Lyn myself one day....
I may not be commenting much lately but am certainly reading!
Take care xx

celtic_girl said...

Glad to hear your trainer is setting up on her own and your able to rejoin the Lean programme.

Good idea on writing your food down on yout posts as well.

Jules said...

I am definitely into posting what I eat for a little accountability. Has been a long time since I did that.

Chris H said...

Maybe I shall post me food consumption too.... MAYBE. You and Lynn.... HOT CHICKS... nah, but you both look happy, happy girls!