Saturday, 21 April 2007

Woohoooo - I have been SHOPPING!!!!

OMG OMG what a day....

I brought a toy today for my business!!!

A new Laptop!! Woohooo bloody Woohooo.

After talking with my friend on Wednesday it was discussed and the best option was to Lease a laptop... woohoo so I went down to Harvey Normans and I have leased my new laptop for 2 years and if there is anything that goes wrong with the laptop they will replace no problems and if there isn't one the same then they will upgrade it for no extra cost.

So wooohoooo... but I am typing this on my old laptop till I can get everything set up on my laptop. It has a webcam built in on it too he he so I am not too sure what I will use that for but thought maybe once a month I might save a little movie thingy and put it online so I can see the difference in my face etc while losing the rest of my weight... that is if that is what I can do with it because I have never used a web cam before he he...

I mowed the lawns today and did the grocery shopping as well... The whole day was spent doing those two things and of course buying MY NEW COMPUTER he he he.

What is wrong with me. I haven't been naughty but in the last two days I have not been enthused about losing the weight. I think it is because I am concentrating on my Papaya invites business more and not on food and exercise. How do people balance both? I am not too sure... how I am going to concentrate on both grrrr.

Hubby paid for my business website too and so it will be when we design the website that is.

OMG so this feels so real now. I have a business bank account, website, business card and a new laptop OMG OMG and I am going to my first expo too! I think the next thing I have to do is see how much it is for business banners so that I can have one on the expo site or it will look a little bare and I don't want to pay half for the stall and Tania's business get all the look ins ya know.

I have been thinking about how to get people to come to my site at the expo too and thought that maybe I would do a little competition so that I get them filling in forms with their names and addresses and get them to answer a question and then they can win one of my labels for a bottle of wine and I will design a label for one lucky winner... hmmm so what does everyone think about that?

BTW: ChrisH woohooo I am so glad that you are joining the 10 week challenge with us that is fantastic. I am sure that we are all going to do very well.

Food today:

Breakfast: Chicken bacon, Egg, Toast (weekends are nasty for me with big breakfasts)
Lunch: 10 rice crackers, cheese slices (thin)
Dinner: 2 Tuna stuffed potatoes, salad
Snack: V (yes ChrisH I am addicted arrghhh), Bits of hubbies chocolate easter egg (tut tut)
Water: 1 bottle
Exercise: 50 minutes lawn mowing, 2 hour grocery shopping

Love ya all


Tania said...

Congrats on your new laptop, don't you just love having new toys? I've been battling with the juggling act for 13 months since my son was born, somehow it's finally starting to fall into place where I can do everything I need to do in life while still managing to get my food right, the things we do as working mums on a weight loss journey but you're doing great, keep up the awesome work.

Chris H said...

I am so jealous.. a new laptop! woo hoooooo for you, you lucky tart. I use one of Stevens (son), cos he pulled my computer apart to see how it worked (!) and stuffed it up... one day I'm going to get my own new one too.... how did you decide which one to get? There are so many out there now, it's so confusing! Hope you are having a great Sunday.

Leighanne said...

It's fun getting a new toy!!
It sounds like your business is getting of it's feet which is great!!
I am still finding it hard to juggle everything...but it is getting easier:)

Karen and Rachel said...

Woohoo for a new laptop! Your business is really going start taking off real soon!!!! And yes definitely do a business banner for the stall and a competition sounds brilliant to me too!
Have a great Sunda

Lyn said...

Talking from one gadget girl to another I totally know how you feel getting a new "toy" .... yay you!!

What expo are you going into? I did the bride and groom show and found it didn't really pay off... far too expensive.

As for juggling business with eating ... hmmm ... advice? Get plenty of point friendly quick easy meals in your freezer. Stock up the pantry with good food so when you can't be bothered cooking you have something to fall back on that is quick and easy but not fattening.

Off to have a look at your new website...

Lyn said...

ok silly me, realise now you haven't created it yet.

Kate said...

Yay for shopping :-)

celtic_girl said...

Well done on getting your laptop. Learning how to concentrate and do well in the many aspects of our lives is the million dollar question - I sure as hell would like to get answered, I suppose the day we can control our food intake to a proper level is the day we conquer our issue with it. Pray it comes to us in our lifetime.

Anne said...

Looking forward to seeing the website when it's set up! Have fun with your new toy.

I've been shopping too - clothes, clothes and some more clothes.