Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Been in a funk

Been in a funk today!!!

Back at work but my back was killing me today.

Over the weekend things seemed to go ok with my back and I had twinges here and there but they were bearable but today I was in agony. I went to the doctor's after work and got some different pain killers and they make me feel just as weird as the ones I took in the weekend.

The pain killers the doctor gave me Thursday morning made me feel really relaxed and that was good but I felt so light headed it was a strange feeling and then on the Friday morning I threw up and felt really bad for the whole morning.

I am so hoping that these tablets do the trick.

I didn't go to WW tonight and there were a couple of reasons...
  1. I was in agony and I could not have sat in my chair and listened and driving there wasn't good either.
  2. I haven't been that wonderful since not being able to exercise and I had an email from one of my WW leaders and she was straight to the point that exercise doesn't mean I can't lose the weight (and I know she is right) but I have been a stupid cow (yes I know guys I said stupid again) I have not tracked and I have not really wanted to... I have given up in the last couple of weeks.
  3. I have gained!!! I just know it and I feel it!!
I feel like a broken record and had a huge breakdown with hubby tonight about it all. I feel so out of control and I just wanted to finish with WW this week for good because I just haven't cared. I shouldn't use the back as an excuse but honestly today I was in so much pain at work with my back that there was a morning tea and I didn't stop at just one thing!!

I got my ACC letter today saying that I was covered for my back. I am so happy about that because I think I will be going to the physio quite a lot until it is sorted as I am going back to my exercise because I feel so down in the dumps and my emotions are all over the place when I am not being active and I am not liking it.

Anyway.... hubby and I have a plan from tonights dinner that I am going to cut everything down but a quarter. So for dinner I had chilli con carne and salad and it was filling. I am also going to cut down on the carbs as I eat too much of them.

I do want to keep with this lifestyle change. This afternoon while sitting in my office I was feeling sorry for myself and I was totally going to give up! I was!!! but after getting off my sad horse I know I can't do that.

Tomorrow I will:
  1. Go for a walk even if it is just down the street and back and not to overdo it so my back hurts.

  2. Drink my water.

  3. Have a good breakfast so I don't feel that I have to nibble.
Ok my bitch over now...

Attached are some photos of my camping trip and I know I haven't sad too much about the weekend but to be honest I don't want to... because I would say negative things and I want to remember that I had time with my family and that was the most precious thing that weekend (apart from meeting lovely lyn that is he he).
Above my boys were sitting on a lovely rock at Karangahape Gorge and I just loved how delicious they looked. My boys were so happy to be going on holiday... look at their faces and this was only the first day he he he.

Corbin took this photo little cheeky monkey. We thought we would catch a kiss while the boys took a photo of the water and he turned around and took a photo of us instead he he he.

Isn't Wahi just beautiful!!!! I just love this photo and I loved walking up this beach in the weekend and I also loved just sitting there and taking it all in.

This is hubby and Tania's hubby and the kids making sandcastles and having a great time.

Like father like son... Hubby called me and I turned around and there he was taking a photo of me relaxing at the beach... but I do like this photo I must say.

We went long line fishing and we caught a sting ray OMG I was like gobsmacked because I didn't think that stingray's would have been that close to shore but they are and you would be happy to know that we set it free to go back to the sea poor thing.

Good night everyone... I need to get some sleep.

Love ya



celtic_girl said...

Don't be so hard on yourself there hun, your feeling vulnerable due to the pain your dealing with at the moment.It is so hard to stay focused and on track when you are in so much pain, I know I've been there.Just get through it as best you can, it will get better and you will come out stronger at the end.

Your camping spot looks such a pretty and serene place and I love the photo of you (Your new avator)

Anne said...

First of all what beautiful photos! Even you are in a funk today - you look pretty happy to me in those shots! You are right -the kids are delicious:-)

I also feel on a bit of a downer at the moment - and know part of it is is because I have an injury. It is true though that this doesn't have to stop us eating healthy. I'm coming to accept that these moods are always going to be coming and going. Hang in there - this is just another temporary hiccup, they happen and you can get through it all. Keep smiling:-)

Leighanne said...

When my back was really bad my physio got me to do water exercises...which I really enjoyed...it was slow paced, not like water arobics...but was still a great workout with hurting myself!!

Chris H said...

Bugger about your back, I hope it stops hurting you so much soon! The photos are awesome, just love the one of you and hubby smooching, and the one he took of you looking over your shoulder! Wow, you are stunning.... but you know that eh? he he he. Don't you dare give up by the way, you can do this, you bloody well CAN !!!

Rachel said...

Sorry that back of yours isn't on the mend, I hope the new meds are working.

Don't give up sweetpee because even though you don't feel you have been doing that well in the last few weeks, look what you have achieved this year!! Go back to January and re-read your posts about how good you were feeling and how motivated you were.

I reckon your back problems are adding to your worries and when it has righted itself, you WILL feel more positive about your weightloss.

I have a wee graph that I track my weightloss (or lack of) and have just discovered that I lose weight for a 5 week period and then I lose the plot and it takes me a few weeks to get back into it.

Don't go drastically changing what your doing......plateau's are VERY NORMAL and you will get past it, stick with what has been working for you in the last few months.

Helena said...

you guys look gorgeous ... more than gorgeous - happy and full of adventure! awesome

Wanna_B_slim said...

Dont you dare give up now that i have found you... You have done so well ..
Plateau's suck big time and I am sure they are there to make us or break us.. so dont let it win!
Yeah back pain sux too.. I got a dicky hip.. but hoping it is nearly on the mend now..
Exercise was getting almost enjoyable til my hip chucked a wobbly...
Now i am unfit to boot!
Looking forward to getting back into it...
I have weigh in tomorrow night.. you will hear me sobbing at the results at your house..haha